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A complete range of Car Promotion Gear, Auto Promotional Products, Auto Promotions, Promotional Products, Car Promotion.

Quality Promotional Automotive Gifts

Please be informed that promotional car accessories play a very significant role if you want to reach your target clients or customers. If the average Australian spends at least three days on the road in one year, car gifts gives you the opportunity to build your brand without spending so much money on other forms of advertising. There are lots of very practical branded auto gifts to choose from, because these practical items for the exterior and interior of a car sure promise to deliver optimum exposure of your brand for a pretty long time.

At Red Fish Marketing there are a lot of promotional car accessories to choose from, such as:

Promotional Car Keyrings

There is absolutely no doubt that promotional car keyrings sure have many advantages over lots of automotive gifts.

  • Car keyrings are known to meet the very high demands of a lot of corporate brands because they have special features.
  • Promotional car key rings are available in various designs and can be made out of different types of materials.
  • They are even available in different price ranges that will suit your proposed budget just fine.
  • Promotional car keyrings offer very good visibility to the logo, mark or brand that is imprinted on them.

In a nut shell, keyrings are surely one of THE most effective and practical promotional auto branded gifts. We offer a wide range of promotional car keyrings that will suit not just your budget, but your company’s image and style just right.

Car Tool Kits

Car tool kits are great promotional items because they usually come in handy in times of car trouble, which is inevitable in every car owner’s driving life. There are a whole lot of car tool kits that make wonderful promotional items such as:

  • Digital tyre pressure gauge – with a car tool kit like this, drivers are sure of knowing their tire’s exact pressure gauge.
  • Small torch – this is another great promotional item to give. It will enable the driver see much better at night and in low light. He or she can easily see leaks of oil, water and exhaust gases.
  • Pocket knife – this is also a very useful car tool kit that can be used to cut out wires or even the seat belt in case there is an accident and the seat belt gets jammed.

There are so many cool and very unique car tool kits to choose from at Red Fish Marketing that will sure put a smile on the receiver’s face.

Car First Aid Kits

Promotional car accessories such as car first aid kits are not only one of the top great car gifts to give out, but they are also considered as thoughtful promotional gifts as well. With a first aid kit, drivers can:

  • Quickly administer first aid treatment to themselves, family member(s), friends or passengers in case of an auto accident.
  • Administer first aid treatment to other people who have been injured in an auto accident until the arrival of paramedics.

Promotional Air Fresheners

Air fresheners also make very good promotional automotive gifts. Air fresheners help neutralize odours that may be caused by spills, tobacco, sweat, etc. Walking into a great smelling car can lift the spirits and also leave a good impression on people riding in the car too. We offer promotional air fresheners in different fragrances at very affordable prices, we even offer refill for car air freshener too. The custom printed air fresheners we offer will really help to boost your company’s image because we take our time to provide quality service to all our clients.

Why Opt For Promotional Automobile Air Fresheners?

  1. Fresheners are not expensive: one of the great things about choosing car air fresheners for promotional campaigns is the fact that fresheners are not expensive at all. You can easily advertise your product and/or services for a very small price in comparison with other forms of advertising.
  2. Easy to transport from one point to the other: because these promotional items are very small in size, there are of course very easy to transport, which means your sales rep can carry fresheners along and give them out in order to promote your business all across Australia and even beyond.
  3. Fresheners are available in different varieties: many companies usually find it pretty difficult to get the perfect promotional item to use in order to promote their business. With car air fresheners offered by Red Fish Marketing, there are lots of different types of fresheners to choose from which sure makes it a lot easier to choose the one that will work for any company. There are different shapes available, and in different fragrances as well.
  4. People will most definitely use these car gifts: the truth is that there are a whole lot of promotional items that people just do not use and even totally forget about after they have stashed them somewhere in the house.  People are most definitely going to use the fresheners that were given to them. Car air fresheners are always seen and remembered because of the pleasant smell they provide.