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Clocks and Watches

Red Fish Marketing offering Promotional Desk & Wall Clocks all clocks can be printed or engraved with your company logo.


Clocks and Watches

It is a common thing for people to receive promotional items that they are going to stash somewhere and NEVER use. Some people throw some of these items away, some lock it up in their cupboards or drawers so that no one else can see them and some simply use it a couple of times and forget all about it. Branded watches and clocks are indeed very useful items. You need to understand that when selecting promotional items, you must ensure that it is something that will be very useful to people receiving it. This is the reason why big companies decide to select promotional watches.

Why Choose Promotional Watches?

They Make Great Gifts for Employees.

If or when you choose to reward or recognize the company’s employees for their achievements or for their faithful service over the years, corporate watches are truly the most preferred gift. It will really help them understand that they really mean a lot to the company.

Makes Great “Thank You” Gifts for Clients.

Do you presently have a customer(s) or client(s) who have truly stayed loyal even while the competition is trying to “steal” them away from your business? Are these customers one of your company’s biggest accounts? You can easily thank them for their patronage and loyalty with your company’s branded clocks and watches.

Watches Come in an Array of Choices.

Agreed, the idea may be the same, but there are various types of clocks and watches to choose from when you are in the market for promotional watches. You can select silver, platinum, gold, men’s, women’ fact, the list is practically inexhaustible.

Branded Watches are Truly Valuable Gifts

The truth is that a lot of cheap promotional gifts are perceived as cheap publicity stunts by advertisers (well, this does not mean that people are not going to use these promo gifts), but promo watches are gift items that seriously show people how much you truly value them. It simply shows the receiver that you want him or her to be proud of your business. In fact, it shows them that you really value them enough that is why you are giving them something nice and practical too.

Branded Watches and Clocks are Wonderful Gifts that are Suitable for any Occasion

Custom watches or logo watches are really great for any of the following celebrations and more:

  • Anniversaries

  • Accomplishments

  • >Milestones

Clocks and Watches will Always be Used by People

A whole lot of people wear watches, so if you present people with promotional watches, they are certainly going to wear it. If you provide them with promotional wall clocks, they are most certainly going to hang it somewhere in their homes or office. If it is a client that receives your promotional watch, he or she will remember your company every time he or she checks the time. If it is an employee(s) who received a corporate watch, he or she will remember their accomplishment.

When it comes to choosing the perfect promotional gift item, pleas know that branded clocks and watches are dangerously close to the top of the list. When you present promo watches to people, you will be sure of these three:

  • They will certainly wear it
  • They will be reminded of the company that presented them with the branded clocks and watches each time they check the time.
  • They will believe that they are truly valued by your company.

Promo clocks and watches are a really tasteful way to let people know that they are truly a valuable asset to your business and a great way to say a big” thank you” to your clients and employees – it is a known fact that people loved to be appreciated. Giving them a beautiful promo clocks or watches sure goes a pretty long way to appreciating your employees or clients.>

You also need to understand that in order to get brand visibility; promotional clocks and watches will do the trick. You of course know that our daily lives revolve around time. Every time a potential client checks the time, you have successfully achieved brand visibility and brand awareness. According to studies carried out on brand visibility and marketing,  it shows that a potential client will need to see an ad for at least six times before he or she decides to make a purchase. A promotional wall clock will be a very good choice because potential customers will of course check the time for more than six times everyday.

There are different categories of promotional clocks to choose from such as:

  • Desk clocks
  • Travel and alarm clocks
  • Wall clocks
  • Weather stations
  • Engraved travel clocks
  • Printed promotion clocks 

One great thing about promotional clock is that they can be used virtually anywhere such as:

  • In homes – sitting room, kitchen, bedroom(s) even in the bathroom
  • Shops
  • Rail stations
  • Buses
  • Offices
  • Schools etc.

We all need to tell the time anywhere we are.

Since you have a wide range of promotional products to choose from, at Red Fish Marketing, we offer top quality promotional clocks and watches made by top notch manufacturers in the business. The promo watches we provide are designed to last, because we know that it will be really embarrassing to know that the promotional clocks and watches you gave to your employees and clients stopped working after a couple of days or months. When you invest in slightly expensive promotional items and projecting a good company image will really go a long way to help you get more business.

When choosing promotional clocks and watches, it is very important that you shop at a place that is recognized for providing excellent service. There are lots of websites that boasts of providing Australians the best promotional items, but how many of these company’s actually live up to their promises? At Red Fish Marketing, we are known for providing top quality customer service; we have been in business for ten years, so we must be doing something right!