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Red Fish Marketing offers a wide range of compendiums. Choose from A4 to A5, leather with binder without binder etc.


Compendiums: A Key Gift or Accessory

Compendiums provide you with organization. At Red Fish Marketing, we understand your need for quality products that deliver results for you. Our line of compendiums provides everyone with just what they need. You will find that all of our products are well made, highly affordable and easy to use. You can personalize them or customize them to fit your particular needs, too.

Take a look at some of the compendium products we offer. In many cases, you will find just what you need right here.

A4 compendiums are one of the most popular options. They are small enough to tuck into a briefcase or under your arm during that all important meeting. Choose from a number of styles and designs.

Our A5 compendiums are a fantastic option. They are highly affordable and they are bonded leather. Consider them for all of your note taking needs.

If you need more flexibility in your products, consider compendiums with a binder in them. The binder allows you to add more material and to change out the pages within. You could be using this compendium for years to come.

Leather compendiums are one of the best choices. Leather is highly durable and soft. It feels great and looks professional no matter what type of meeting or professional gathering you are going to have. We offer a wide range of leather compendiums to serve your needs.

For a less expensive, smaller option consider pad covers. As the name implies, these provide just basic protection for your notepad while also providing for other features such as a slot for your business cards and calculator. Choose from a wide range of products and designer names.

Our full line of compendiums is designed to provide you with the options you need. No matter how formal or informal you would like them, these organizational tools are sure to serve you for years to come.

How To Use Compendiums

If you are looking for a promotional gift to give to someone or you just want to purchase a compendium for yourself, you may be wondering if it is worth the money to do so. While our products at Red Fish Marketing are highly affordable, some who may not have used these organizational binders in the past may find them a tricky topic. However, there are many reasons to purchase them.

Consider these reasons, for example:

Organize your business life in one complete location. Rather than having papers everywhere and notes about meetings in the wrong places, get it all together. Not only will you look more professional when you do this, but you will also be more likely to be on time to meetings and important tasks.

Strike the deal using a compendium. You arrive for a meeting and pull out your pen, paper and calculator. You can quickly work through the numbers and strike a deal with the client because you are this organized and ready to go.

Use a compendium as a promotional product for important business associates. When you land a new sponsor or find a new business partner, giving them a new and personalized compendium is a great way to welcome them into the business. This is an impressive gift.

Give a new compendium to a new hire. Once you hire someone who is valuable to your company, set the standard from the beginning. Provide them with a compendium so that they can easily organize their projects and keep all of their notes in one place.

Compendiums are fantastic for teachers and students, too. Use them for note taking, organization of events or even assignments. Since everything is placed together, you will not lose track of it all.

As you can see, there are many ways to use a compendium. What they do is simple. They allow you to organized everything for your business in one, simple place so that you never have to worry about forgetting a meeting or misplacing an important telephone number.

Key Features To Look For when buying a compendium

As you consider the many options that you have for compendiums, you may be wondering what to look for in these great tools. First off, do choose leather if possible. It is warm and easily used, but it is also highly durable and very professional looking. For most people, it is the optimal choice. However, it is not necessarily expensive, though some may believe it to be until they look at our pricing!

Also, consider how you will use the compendium. If you will use it for note taking, our pad covers are a great option for affordability and easy use. However, if you will store important papers and documents within, choose a compendium that either snaps closed or zippers up. This will protect any of the material you place into it and keep prying eyes out of your business’s details.

Do you need a binder within? Binders are great when you know you will have documents to put into the binder on a regular basis. They also allow you to change out calendars or weekly planners as you need to. This really provides you with more function when it comes to using the product.

You also want to consider those small things that make a big difference. For example, having a place to store your business cards is key for most business professionals. Opening up your compendium and pulling out a business card is impressive to any potential new client. If you use a calculator on a regular basis, be sure to choose a compendium that offers a slot for it, too. And, look for pockets or other features that make the compendium more useful for your particular needs.

At Red Fish Marketing, we have taken a lot of the guess work out of compendium shopping for you. You can give them as gifts, use them yourself or even invest in them for your employees. Place your company logo on them or your marketing message for further recognition. You will appreciate them!