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Confectionery Promotional Lollies

Red Fish Marketing offering Promotional Confectionery & Promotional Lollies, Promotional Products, Branded Lollies, Printed Mint Cards, Engraved lolly Canisters, Individually Wrapped Lollies, personalised lollies.


Promotional Confectionery

Most people make the mistake of thinking that only children have a sweet tooth, a whole lot of people love to eat sweet stuff no matter what age they are. A lot of companies are now finding out that promotional confectionery is really popular when promoting their business.

Here are just some of the various kinds of promotional confectionery and how they can be used in order to promote your business:

Promotional Lollies

Lollies or lollipops are promotional confectionery that can be easily distributed virtually anywhere. Promotional lollies are small transportable which of course makes them great for carrying about on business trips or they can be taken about by your company sales rep in their everyday outings. Promotional candy can easily be placed on office desk at the company – that is, if the desk is a place where clients or customers will have access to them when they visit the company such as bank offices, real estate offices etc promotional lollipops are also great for any event where members of the community are invited.

Promotional Wrapped Sweets

Individually wrapped sweets are another type of promotional confectionery that is just great for placing on the table or desk at an expo or convention. Yes, it is true that some people may just grab the sweets and not bother to even take a look at the wrapper before popping the sweets into their mouths. But there are those people who do not pop anything into their mouths without looking closely at the wrapper first – these people will of course remember you after looking at the wrapper of the promotional candy they got from your company.

Promotional Chocolates

There is absolutely no doubt that chocolates are one promotional confectionery that sure makes people feel very special. You will notice that when you spend the night at a fancy hotel, they leave chocolates on the pillows for you to enjoy before retiring to bed. Promotional chocolates can be used to make your present and future clients feel very special indeed.

  • Promotional chocolates are really a great item that you can give to people who just moved into the neighbourhood in order to introduce yourself and your company or business.
  • If you really want people to feel very welcome and special, distributing promotional confectionery such as chocolates is a really great way to make them feel this way and they will in turn remember you and your business.
  • Do not forget to give a piece of promotional chocolate to every member of a family, especially if the family has small children.
  • Chocolate bars are really a wonderful item that your company can use when having a fundraising event. This promotional confectionery is a really good item that will surely give your company the much needed exposure.

You have to understand that promotional confectionery is one of the top promotional items that people will surely remember receiving from your company. Regardless of the time of the day, people just love to have their spirits lifted with something sweet. And the great thing about promotional confectionery is that it can be taken everywhere and you never know where you will find a person who has a cough or dry throat and is badly in need of mints and voila! You present him or her with your company’s promotional candy wrapped mint – you do the math!

Can’t do the math huh? Promotional confectionery is really something that sure can open many doors for your business and help close good deals. Promotional confectioneries are:

  • Transportable
  • People will of course enjoy getting and eating them
  • They can make people feel welcome and special too.

At Red Fish Marketing, we can “sweetly” help you create your company’s brand name in people’s minds. Promotional confectionary is truly a smart tool to use in order to create your brand name in peoples minds. You need to also understand that each promotional item hits people differently; it is a known fact that people love things that makes them feel warm and good all over – yup! You guessed right, sweets have a way of making people smile even if you are not hungry at all!

Promotional confectionery such as promotional lollies, candy, chocolates etc effortlessly help create brand awareness among people and also helps your company to gain popularity in the market.

Promotional confectionery is a great promotional product which you can have customized showing the name of your company and logo in a very attractive way. At Red Fish Marketing, the promotional lollies do not only look attractive to the eyes, but the taste is absolutely heavenly, which will make it difficult for people to forget. Clients or customers who receive the promotional lollies, mints, gum, candy etc will truly love the taste and will remember the product(s) that were promoted using confectionery items. We offer varieties of confectionery items:

  • Candies
  • Individually wrapped sweets
  • Chocolates
  • Lollipops
  • Confectionery filled mugs
  • Mint cards etc

The promotional confectionery we offer are creatively packed using bright and attractive wrappers, with the name of your company or business imprinted on them so that they will appear simple yet unforgotten.

Promoting one’s brand using an economical item such as confectionery can sure do a lot of wonders in creating awareness for your type of business. People typical love to have something sweet to munch on especially candies and chocolates are known to win the heats of a lot of people regardless of age – seriously, have you ever seen anyone eat chocolate with a frown on their face?

You also need to take into consideration where you place these items when you are trying to market your business using promotional confectionery.  Like it was mentioned earlier, promotional confectionery are quite easy to carry around from one place to the other which in turn makes promoting your business a lot easier. Promotional lollies, chocolate, candies etc can also be taken to any part of the country or any part of the world.