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Custom Lanyards

Lanyards are the cords that hold everything from eyeglasses to identity cards. Custom Lanyards are available in a wide variety of widths, lengths and colours. We can design you a custom lanyard with a wide range of fittings and clips.


Custom Lanyards For Promotional Use

Lanyards are one of the simplest of tools to use for promotional needs. There are several ways that you can take this very simple product and create a great look and build your corporate image and brand recognition. Best of all, Red Fish Marketing is able to help you to craft lanyards that meet your specific needs. If you have thought about promotional products before, remember that these products can provide you with a range of benefits. Lanyards are inexpensive, easy to use and loved by those who receive them.

Who Will Use Them?

Before considering lanyards for promotional use, consider how these tools can be used. The lanyard has been used for decades by the military. These items were placed around the neck of the personnel to allow them to secure equipment easily, without the need of using a hand. Later, the military developed lanyards that were part of the military uniform. It is now one of the most common elements in the military’s image. However, not all lanyards have a military theme to them and today, they can work very well in a number of different ways.

Consider the following ways that these lanyards can be used. Remember that you can customize them to fit your particular needs if you buy from Red Fish Marketing’s line of promotional lanyards.

In the professional office setting, lanyards can serve as a tool for holding identification cards. This allows for all members in the office to be officially allowed into the area.
Custom lanyards work very well at providing individuals with security passes. In areas where there is a need for restricted access, these lanyards can work very well at meeting that goal.
Doctors, nursing and hospital staffing can easily use these tools to hold identification and qualifications.
Lanyards also are highly functional for holding small types of equipment that may need to be used frequently.
Concerts and public events are another way to use lanyards. When only some of your guests will be allowed past a certain point or providing specific access, these lanyards can provide for that access.
As you can see, lanyards work in many ways. The question is, how can you use these within your business? In many situations, you can give these out to clients, professionals, customers or even just a group of people who you want to help you to market your business or your marketing slogan. Keep in mind that lanyards do not have to provide a specific function, either. They can just be a whole lot of fun to have. Even teens and college students love them for keys or just to hold on to.

Customize Your Own

Like many of the promotional items offered by Red Fish Marketing, our lanyards are designed by you. In other words, you can customize the look and function of them to fit your particular needs or your desires. We are happy to help you to customize this look in a way that works for your goal. You can choose the colours, lengths and widths of these lanyards. You can also choose a custom design with your company’s marketing slogan, logo or other message on them. You can then choose the proper fittings and clips that work for your needs. As you can see, you really do remain in control of the final product.

Our Lanyards Meet Your Needs

Take a look at some of the lanyards Red Fish Marketing offers to you. Our excellent selection allows you to easily find the product that fits your particular needs:

Choose our detail woven lanyards for inexpensive yet highly functional lanyards. Choose from 13 colours.
Choose from one of our nine colours of full colour sublimation lanyards.
Check out our imitation leather lanyards, which are a great choice when you want a more professional look that is also inexpensive and functional.
One of the most popular options in lanyards is the neoprene lanyard. You can choose from ten colours available to you.
Consider a nylon lanyard with full PVC strip. You can really customize these for use in any way that fits your goals.
Some of our most useful products are the printed bamboo bootlace lanyards, ribbed bamboo lanyards and the printed bootlace lanyards. They are thinner, easier to use and still provide your marketing message.
For a more fashionable statement that offers a bit of elegance and appeal, choose the printed satin lanyards we offer. They are still highly affordable and customizable.
You can also purchase unprinted lanyards if you would like to.
For a similar product that does not have the neck element to the lanyard, consider a retractable name badge holder with metal clip.
Also check out a more rustic look which is available through our woven nylon rope style lanyards.
You choose the material, the size and the message that is put onto the lanyard. You remain in control of creating a marketing message that works for your particular needs.

Buy High Quality

Depending on how they are used, most lanyards need to be durable and they need to be well made. If the device begins to break apart quickly, it is likely that your user is going to toss it out. The products offered by Red Fish Marketing are designed to be durable and long lasting, so that your message continues on for as long as it is possible.

Choose products that are within your promotional budget. Choose promotional lanyards that provide the function you need. You also want to focus on lanyards that offer a clip or fastener that works the way that you envision it will be used.

Give these to your employees for identification holders. Hand them out to a larger group of people as a promotional lanyard with your new marketing message on them. Choose to give them to your customers, your business associations or just keep them on hand in your office for when you need them.