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Desk Accessories

Red Fish Marketing offering Promotional Office Gear, Promotional Products, Printed & Branded Staplers and Hole-Punches, Engraved & Printed Promotion Tape dispensers, Branded Metal Card Files, Office Gifts, Corporate Gifts, Executive Gifts, Printed Stationery .


Desk Accessories

Promotional note pads are very versatile items that are appreciated by a lot of people. This is one of the desk accessories that is useful in not only schools and offices but in homes as well and can be presented to any type of client or customer. Usually, note pads are desk accessories that are used in offices in order to quickly jot down important notes all through the day. You will of course notice that after a couple of seconds or minutes of brain storming, one will quickly reach out for a note pad in order to write out one’s ideas.

Here are just some of the ways promotional desk accessories such as note pads, post it notes and calculators:

1. You can make newly hired staff feel welcomed to the company by presenting them with desk accessories that include custom office supplies such as promotional note pad on their first day of work. The promotional note pads will be very useful to help them write out their daily tasks. Our quality promotional note pads will surely help boost the morale of your employee and show them that you are really committed to ensuring that they have a happy stay.

2. You can give away desk accessories at lectures, seminars and conferences. Attendees at conferences, seminars or lectures will want to take down notes on the information they are getting, instead of having them come along with their own note pads; you can provide each of them with promotional note pads with your company name and logo imprinted on it. A lot of people use their promotional note pads to keep records of all the things they have been able to do and also learn and will want to attend next year’s conference, lecture or seminar.

3. You can use promotional calculators or note pads as gift with a purchase. You can easily help to spread the word about the type of products and or services your company provides and also increase customer satisfaction by providing them with free promotional calculators or note pads as a gift for every purchase that they have made. These very useful promotional desk accessories can be used each day by your customer for:

  • The calculator can be used in order to calculate ones daily expenses
  • Help to publicize your company’s logo and name throughout the entire day.
  • Note pads are great for keeping your contact information on hand, just in case customers are ready to do business with you soon

4. You can provide all your employees with promotional desk accessories such as note pads, calculators, sticky notes, letter openers etc. if you have employees that usually have to take down notes, why not let them take down the notes on your company’s promotional note pads. We also offer note pad printing services that will also help internally promote your business and also increase employees’ satisfaction too. Your employees will no longer have to always start searching for scraps of paper to write on or take paper from the printer to write – which usually turns out to be a real waste of paper at the end of the day. With promotional note pads, your employees have something to scribble on all the time.

5. You can round off any company’s promo package with your company’s promotional note pads. If you are thinking of creating a promotional package that include desk accessories such as pens, it only makes a lot of sense to provide promotional note pads too. The quality desk accessories we provide can tie promo packages together and provide the recipient with really useful packages that they will appreciate and utilize. Promotional note pads are not expensive and can be easily used in order to support your company’s product campaign impact.

6. Promotional note pads are great tradeshow gifts. Promotional note pads sure make superb tradeshow giveaways. When you give out desk accessories such as promotional note pads to visitors, you are giving these people the opportunity to keep track of the contacts that they have made and the businesses that they had a chance to get to know. The tradeshow attendees will gather all the information that they got from the event in the promotional note pads that you provided them which also contains your company name, contact address and logo.

These are just the some of the many uses of desk accessories with special emphasis on promotional note pads. Because of the sheer versatility of promotional note pads, it sure has a huge amount of potential.

Providing your clients or customers, business associates, employees and potential customers with these promotional calculators, note pads, sticky note etc will really create a positive image of your company in their minds. They use their calculators or use the note pads; they will not miss the opportunity of seeing your brand name and logo imprinted on these desk accessories. Most times, instead of going to use the regular brands that they know, they will want to try out your brand and if they like using your product and or service they will stay loyal to your brand. So with careful planning and very small expenses, you will be able conveniently win over new clients or customers and beat out the competition.

At Red Fish Marketing you will find a range of exciting desk accessories such as:

  • Sticky notes
  • Rulers
  • Note pads
  • Tape dispensers
  • White boards
  • Letter openers
  • Erasers
  • Memo holders
  • Calculators
  • Business card holders
  • Paper weights
  • Pencil cases
  • Sharpeners etc

At Red Fish Marketing, it is our job to make sure that you get real value for your money, we know that clients do not just want to give away promotional items without getting returns on their investment, that is why we provide bright attractive desk accessories that are not just beautiful but durable as well. We also provide custom office supplies that will suit your company's image and style perfectly.