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Environmentally Friendly Products

Red Fish Marketing is proud to present a great selection of environmentally friendly promotional items. Our eco-friendly promotional product range includes recycled and biodegradable items for you to put your logo on. If you are searching for an green promotional products, you've found the right place!


Nowadays a lot of people feel the need to actually do something for the environment we live in. For a lot of companies “going green” seems to be the order of the day, with every business coming up with ways to go green. One of the easiest ways for businesses to get involved with saving the environment is to get involved in using environmental products; this is where recycled promotional products come in.

Environmental products are fast becoming the top choice for most companies that have clients that are passionate about the environment and would do everything within their power to help save the environment and would appreciate eco friendly alternatives to other promotional items that are offered to them.

You can use recycled promotional products to increase your company’s marketing campaign. By using eco friendly products in your business consumer giveaway campaign, you achieve the following:

  • Help your clients maintain their environmental standards
  • Help to promote your company’s environmental policy
  • Create a positive reputation for your business – you will earn point from environmental activists

Sure, at Red Fish Marketing, there are a lot of different recycled promotional products to choose from, so do not go thinking that you are stuck with only recycled note pads! The following eco friendly products are just a couple of the many recycled promotional products you can choose for your company’s campaign – this will of course depend on the people receiving the gifts. You may just be shocked at how many nice things can be produced out of recycled material.

  • Ballpoint pens
  • Mugs
  • Letter opener
  • Paper clip holder
  • Shower timers
  • Headwear
  • Solar and water powered products
  • Recycled PET bags and compendiums
  • Reusable shopping bags
  • T shirts, bath robes etc
  • Hand powered products etc

So as you can see, there is an array of recycled promotional products that is suitable for everyone, from kids to grownups. There are a lot of eco friendly products that will suit a particular marketing campaign. Taking advantage of using eco friendly promotional items for your next marketing campaign could help you get more publicity than you anticipated.

Aside from the exposure your business will gain with giving away uncommon recycle promotional products during its campaign, environmental friendly campaigns are considered by a lot of media houses as news worthy and this could get your company well deserved press coverage. Who knows, your company can be nominated for an award in the environmental category.

Giving recycled promotional products is a superb way of offering total satisfaction to your customers. You will discover that reusable shopping bags are the most popular eco friendly promotional products that a lot of people have embraced. Instead of making use of plastic bags in the distribution of promotional items, you can give out reusable shopping bags – this way, customers will not only be reminded of your company any time that they go shopping, they are also walking billboards promoting your company within and even outside the country.

Environmental friendly products are that are given by your company can be used over and over again through the recycling process. In addition, recycled promotional products are manufactured by using materials that are not harmful to the users of the products. Recycled promotional products such as mugs can be presented to potential clients and customers as these gift items are not made from materials that were dug up from the earth. Recycled ballpoint pens are also great because they are biodegradable. You do not have to be a world renowned environmental activist before you can play your part to help the environment.

Okay, your business is small and you want to take advantage of a fast developing and responsible area of promotional items? You will have to select recycled promotional products in order to market your new brand and most importantly, you will be showing all and sundry that you are passionate about saving the environment and that you make it your business to care about our planet.

This certainly a smart way to advertise your brand without robbing a bank, it is a very responsible and ethical approach to marketing;

  • This technique will help reduce waste
  • This marketing technique will place your company as caring and responsible in the eyes of your employees, customers and potential clients’ and the people who wish to become a part of a responsible company like yours.

As explained earlier on, recycled promotional products go way beyond old newspapers. There are loads of recycled promotional products that are very useful to anyone who receives them.

Benefits of Using Eco Friendly Products:

It is important that you understand the benefits of using recycled promotional products before you go on to invest in them. With the going green awareness all over the world, you are sure that recycled promotional products offered to your employees, customers and potential customers are:

  • Not tested on animals or used in such a way that could possibly harm animals.
  • Recycled promotional products are items that will not cause harm to anyone
  • One of the greatest things about eco friendly products is that they do not cause any kind of harm to the environment.
  • Since eco friendly materials are not made of harmful chemicals, they are very safe, which means children can handle them and not get harmed.

You need to understand that a lot of the chemicals used for manufacturing a lot of the products we use these days can be damaging to the health after a long period of time.

At Red Fish Marketing, we offer you the opportunity to choose from our wide selection of recycled promotional products that will leave a positive impression on the people who receive your thoughtful gift. The environmental products that we offer are made from top quality and licensed manufacturers within and outside the country.

We believe that it is never a done deal if our customers are not satisfied.