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Food and Drinkware

Australia's widest range of branded coffee mugs, insulated travel mugs and promotional beverage accessories


Food and Drinkware Options for You and Your Customers

If your company does a great deal of entertaining you may be interested in purchasing food and drinkware products you can also use as promotional materials. While it is rare for someone to think of using bowls and glasses as promotional tools, it is very common to use mugs, travel mugs and glasses in this way. You can entertain as well as promote your business by choosing something the guests can take with them when they leave. In this way, you can have the best of both worlds: promoting your business through some kind of entertainment as well as providing the guests with something they can take with them as they leave. This will allow them to remember your company after they leave.

Is it important for customers to have something in their hand when they leave a company-sponsored event? That depends how important it is for the guests to remember the company. If they have a coffee mug in their hand it will be easier for them to remember where they obtained it and thus will have a better opportunity for recalling that event. In addition anything the customers obtain at these events they can in turn use for promoting your products and services to those with whom they come into contact. For instance, they may choose to take the coffee mug or glass they received at your promotional luncheon to display in the reception area of their company thus providing your company with more exposure.

Coasters are a very easy thing to use for promotion. Whenever you have an affair of any kind you can make them available to the attendees. They will in turn pass them around to others thus promoting your company more. When you think about it, many times when you go into a pub the name is on the coasters. Though there are occasions when this is not the case, those occasions are limited. That doesn’t mean necessarily that the drinkers are going to go home with the coasters and pass them around to their own visitors though this may occasionally happen. However, when a company is seeking to promote their own business, the guests to any promotional event may make note of the name of the company as it appears on coasters, coffee mugs, glasses or even napkins. Even if they do not choose to have their name imprinted it is highly likely they will at least have business cards or a brochure with the event’s agenda.

Car mugs and custom label water are also good promotional sources. While you may not necessarily have a name on them, it will allow for a topic of conversation as others seek to locate the source of the products. As a group of people gather around talking it may also provide a topic of conversation in that respect. For instance, two sales people are talking at a convention and the topic of promotional gifts may come up. This may also lead to a discussion about where these sales aids were purchased, something that can be a source of additional purchases for Red Fish Marketing when the convention organizers let others know where they obtained their promotional materials.

One thing that is very important when your company is seeking promotional materials is choosing those that will provide the most exposure while at the same time providing the best choices for the event. Food and drinkware products are not always the best options; it depends on the event. Sometimes sports bottles or straws are better choices—it will depend on whether the company is putting together an actual promotional event or are looking to simply have something for visitors to take away when they come to visit or have a meeting with someone within the company.

Bowls and other types of food or drink items are available through Red Fish Marketing at competitive prices. While choosing the right food and drinkware options can be a difficult decision, you can obtain some ideas by not only looking at the website but looking throughout your local community to see what other companies are doing as well. You have surely been to other events, so you can see what is of interest to you. It does not matter if it’s a promotional event to generate new business or a fundraiser for a worthy cause; the idea is to choose those supplies that will help you get your message across best.

There are other types of products available for those within the Australian business sector for both promotional purposes as well as general uses. You don’t have to buy mugs for promotional reasons, for example; you can buy them so your employees have cups for coffee or tea at break time. If you use these promotional products to create an atmosphere of high morale they will also provide other benefits as well.  With so many different styles of food and drinkware it is easy to choose those that will fit your occasion and meet your needs.

What kinds of products are available? You can use mugs, glasses or car coffee carriers to support your cause or stage your event. Plate holders are also available for those occasions when the need arises. With so many different choices you can definitely choose something for every occasion or use some cups, glasses or coasters as take away gifts. Are you planning an event with a raffle or door prize? You can use one of the many promotional products as your winning prize. There is no end to the many ways you can use promotional products.

If you have a difficult time choosing the right cups for the occasion you can choose from a variety. Here are some ideas you might want to consider:

  • Car coffee cups as part of the media kit
  • Custom bottled water on the display table
  • Glasses on the tables where meals are being served
  • Plate holders for use by those who are eating