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Golf Products

Red Fish Marketing offers a wide range of promotional golf gear, golf day items, branded golf balls and printed corporate promotional golf accessories all available screen printed or pad printed with your company logo and message.

Australia's most complete range of promotional golf accessories, branded golf balls, printed golf tees, branded golf bags and corporate golf gifts.


Golf Products Make Great Promotional Elements

Golf products are just one of the products that Red Fish Marketing has to offer to you. Golf is a companion to virtually every corporation. Many deals have been made on the golf course and with your marketing message or corporate logo adorning the golf bags and golf balls, your business is sure to benefit. We provide a wide range of products you can use as gifts or even as apparel for that corporate golf outing.

Golf Gifts

Corporate golf gifts make golfers happy. Giving these away to company sponsors, business partners or employees is a great way to get your company name on the green. Individuals who love the game are sure to enjoy having these helpful and all important tools on the golf course with them. Consider the following options for corporate golf gifts.

  • Choose bag tags and tee caddies: Have your company’s name printed on bag tags and on tee caddies, which are sure to be used over and over again by the user.
  • Choose ball markers. These inexpensive gifts are great for larger groups. You can have them personalized and printed with your company logo.
  • Choose balls and packaging that contain your company’s branding on them. This includes logo golf balls, Titleist balls, Calloway and numerous other options. No matter who finds these, they will see your company’s logo on them.
  • For a more elegant gift, choose golf gift sets to give to as corporate gifts. You can choose starter packs, accessories or presentation tins, for example.
  • Golf tools are another great choice to give as a gift. A combination golf tool is inexpensive but highly useful and easily contains your company’s logo or marketing message on it.

Any of these corporate gifts can be easily personalized with your message, marketing slogan or your company’s logo. Give them to those who you want to honour or those who simply deserve a token of your appreciation. Most of these items are inexpensive, too.

Golf Outing Promotional Items

Another time when it is ideal to give important people a gift as well as a thank you is during a golf outing or tournament that your company is the sponsor. Bring together a group of people who you wish to negotiate with or those who might be important clients for a golf tournament. Encourage people to mingle and to learn more about the business or even the business’s current progress.

For those that attend, provide a few marketing items that contain your company’s logo and marketing slogan on them. For your next tournament, consider the following tips for using golf promotional items at your company outing or at a tournament that your company sponsors.

  • Provide each golfer with golf gloves. Wording or logos placed on the glove itself is an easy way to have your company message presented but without interfering with the usability of the tool.
  • For an inexpensive option, consider the use of golf tees, personalized with your company’s name, slogan or log on them. Each one is an easy way to communicate your message in a simple and useful manner.
  • Golf pencils are another affordable option ideal for the golf outing. These pencils are likely to be taken by your golf event attendees and used countless times again. They are an easy way to spread your message.
  • Golf flags, buckets and tee markers are a great way for you to communicate your message. During a golf outing, these golf flags can proudly provide necessary information while also communicating your special event or your company’s message. Choose from a variety of colours and styles.
  • Scorecard holder and valuables pouches are an easy choice for the golf tournament. Give each attending these as they enter the golf course. They may use them time and time again, too.

Other items to include for your golf tournament include golf umbrellas, rain coats, tags, towels, pitch repairers and shoe bags. Consider the items you believe your golf partners and participants are sure to appreciate and personalize them with your company’s message and logo. Many times, they will continue to use these time and time again, proudly displaying your message.

Give Quality

Any of the materials purchased from Red Fish Marketing will be made high in quality and designed to provide the most effective use. When you purchase low quality products, you may save some money initially, but your golf event attendees or clients are sure to notice the poor quality. This poor quality reflects on your business itself. Therefore, ensure that each type of golf promotional item you purchase is made to be high in quality.

  • Higher quality products last longer. Not only will the gift receiver use those items for this specific outing, but they can potentially use them many more times.
  • Higher quality golf promotional gifts are an ideal choice for those looking to impress new clients or to honour a valuable business partner. Poor quality products can be embarrassing.
  • Choosing fine leathers and well made products, such as golf bags for special business partners, is a way to showcase pride and to provide appreciation. Anything less than quality products makes your company look bad in the eyes of the user.

Always selecting the finest marketing products is important. Our golf and polo shirts provide you with the best overall satisfaction while maintaining your budget for your special event or for your gifting budget. With a wide selection of items to choose from, anyone will benefit from these golf promotional products while also being thankful they have received them.

The golf promotional products offered by Red Fish Marketing are highly useable, well made and impressive. You can customize many aspects of them including colour, style and logos. Print your message on them. Give them to the all important people attending your event and be proud of your business’s name on the golf course every time that they are used.