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Health Fitness and Grooming

Australia's most complete range of Promotional Branded Health & Fitness Products, Printed First Aid Kits, Promotional Products, Bookmarks, Lip Balms, Massagers, Mirrors, Pedometers, Pill Boxes, Branded Sports Kits, Shoe Shine Kits, Tissues, Travel Kits.


Promotional marketing products provide your business with a way to communicate a message or to build brand image through the use of gifts, give-aways and even employee thank you products. At Red Fish Marketing, we are proud of the extensive line of health, fitness and groom products that may serve this marketing need. If you are looking for a way to build brand recognition or to get your next big marketing campaign launched, these tools can be an exceptional way of doing just that and much more.

The promotional items that fall under our health, fitness and grooming category are not limited. You can choose these items to include in your offices or to give to clients, prospective business partners or even your customers. Consider the many ways that our promotional products can serve your particular needs.

Bookmarks and More

One of the many tools available to you to customize with your corporate message are our bookmarks. In addition, you could choose a nightlight or a booklight as well. Each of these items can carry your message. They are inexpensive, but well made to project a quality gift. These gifts are great for:

  • Reading campaigns
  • Promotions for teachers, educators and students
  • Perfect to hand out alongside your business’s business plan
  • Inexpensive professional gift for those professionals who fly often

These are just a few ways that you can use these promotional booklights, nightlights and bookmarks.

Health Related Gear

Other types of promotional health tools are available from our company as well. Perhaps your business wants to encourage health and wellness. If that is the case, there are more than a few promotional items that can help you to make this point.

  • To encourage fitness, give your employees promotional pedometers to track how much they are walking.
  • Encourage stress relief and relaxation with a promotional massager.
  • For skin care wellness, choose lip balms personalized with your business’s logo on them. Sunscreen is available too, with the ability to be personalized.

Add Fun

Another way to use the promotional products available to you from Red Fish Marketing is to think fun. Perhaps you want to get your business associates out into the sun or you may want to reward them with some travel and want something to give to them that would display this unique opportunity. Here are some promotional items that may help you with that goal:

  • For fun, try the sports kits we offer. For example, get your team working together by handing our promotional cricket kits or other sports kits. They will have fun, your message gets out and they are building skills to work together as a team.
  • For those who will spend some time on the golf course or driving, one of the best and most useful promotional items are sunglasses. Great looking, inexpensive and with your company’s slogan or logo on them, these are sure to be favourites among all of those you give them to.

These items encourage fun and they encourage health and well-being. Many businesses are striving to provide promotional gifts for customers, clients and even associates that are useful but also well made products that are desired by those who will receive them. This is just a short example of the options you have.

Need Something More Unique?

Red Fish Marketing’s extensive line of promotional items does not stop there. For other health and fitness type of promotional items, consider your unique situation and the options we can offer for you.

Are you a medical provider of pharmacy trying to build customer report? If so, one of the ways you can do this is by giving out small, convenient pillboxes to your customers. This is an easy way to help them to take their medications but it also is a great way to remind them to come back to you time and time again for service.

Perhaps you want to give a beneficial promotional gift to an important client. Try our shoe shine kits. These are well made and presented professionally. They make ideal gifts for anyone who is planning on travelling or who cares about the way they look. Choose to have your company’s logo placed on the box and products to ensure that your company is never forgotten.

One of the most flexible promotional options that nearly anyone can benefit from and will love is the personal grooming kit. Those who travel frequently will definitely appreciate having these handy tools readily available to them. Other options to consider paring this product with including our promotional mirrors and promotional sewing kits. Each of these items can be personalized to fit your particular needs.

Are you planning on encouraging emergency response? Do you need to purchase first aid kits for your stores or locations? If so, personalize them. Show your dedication to health and emergency preparedness by using these corporate first aid kits. They are designed to provide the users with everything that is necessary to have on hand. They can work well as gifts, too, for clients and employees depending on the circumstances you are in.

Another great choice for the business professional who travels frequently is the travel kit. Stocked with the items they will need most on the road, these travel kits can be personalized with your company’s message on them. Do choose items that are well made, like these travel kits, when giving them as gifts to employees or associates.

At Red Fish Marketing, we understand the importance of health and well-being but we also know that these are the perfect places to use your company’s logo and to build brand recognition as well. From our personalized and printed tissues to the sunscreen you hand out during the warmer months, these items are sure to bring in the customers and to build up your business’s success not just the first time that they are used, but countless times more so over the years.