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Red Fish Marketing offers Promotional Branded Homeware Products, Printed Barbeque Sets, Promotional Products, Candles.


Homewares As Promotional Items

Homewares are a great promotional item to give out to your customers, clients and even to your employees. Everyone can use them and many of these promotional items are ideal for gifts when you want to impress someone. Before you consider choosing other promotional gifts for your company to use, consider how these homeware promotional items can work within your next marketing plan or even your next employee thank you gift.

Keep in mind that each of the promotional items offered by Red Fish Marketing are designed to fit your need. They can include your promotional message on them. They can include your new marketing slogan or message. They can also include your company’s logo or other information, as you deem fit. If you have not considered all of your options yet, consider the following types of promotional homewares.

Give Relaxation Through Grilling

Your employees work hard. You want to honour them by providing them with something a bit more relaxing than the average promotional t-shirt. There are some great options available from Red Fish Marketing that can work very well in this situation. Consider our BBQ sets, for example.

  • You can give an affordable and well made five-piece BBQ and apron set, for example. This impressive gift looks great and can carry your company’s logo on it.
  • Choose a barbecue light, for all of those meals prepared in the dark after a long day of working.
  • The Adventure Tri Fold BBQ Set is even more impressive and it comes with virtually everything a new homeowner might need to start grilling.
  • Choose from numerous other BBQ sets and gear that are sure to be impressive for clients and employees alike.

These promotional items work great when it comes to thanking your clients. They can also work well as house warming gifts.

Choose Kitchen Tools

Within the restaurant and food world, there could be no better promotional item than kitchen tools. Kitchen tools like these are great for use as gifts to your staff or they may work well as promotional items you leave in your restaurant that your customers can purchase and take home with them. Many are stylish and functional. They will be used time and time again. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Consider the Paul Bocuse Bill Peppermill with its stylish design. It will work well on each of your tables.
  • The Paul Bocuse Cheese Grater is a great choice for any home or for use within your establishment.
  • If you are looking for a more elegant gift to give to an important client, consider the cheese board we offer. You can personalize it with your company’s logo and message. The receiver will love the look of this set and will also love using it time and time again.
  • The potato peeler and grater is another excellent choice especially when you are promoting a healthy eating campaign or perhaps when you are giving items to your employees to take home.
  • For another stylish option consider the Paul Bocuse Oil and Vinegar Drizzler. It too is ideal for any restaurant’s tables or as take home gifts.
  • Choose salt and pepper promotional products for your tables or to give to your favorite first time home buyers.

These homewares are easy to use within virtually any business. People love to use high quality products like these in their homes and are sure to enjoy taking them on the road, too. Your message will be with them no matter where they use the gifts you give out.

Environmentally Friendly

Perhaps it is time to show the world just how environmentally conscious your business is. If that is the case, there are several items that we offer at Red Fish Marketing that can help you with that goal. One of the best choices for any business that is promoting water conservation is the shower monitor. We offer several styles you can choose from in a range of budget options. These items help to monitor how long a shower is running, to help people to cut down on their water bills and to reduce water use overall. You can have these items customized with your message on them including your company’s logo.

Other Great Homeware Gifts

If you are still looking for the right promotional item in homeware, there are a few more available through Red Fish Marketing that may be just the right thing. If you need a gift to give a corporate business partner or you want to encourage healthy lifestyles, these gifts are a great choice.

  • Give the gift of candles. These promotional candles and holders are the ideal choice for anyone that wants to add romance or relaxation to their day. Candles are popular promotional items. You can give them to employees as thank you gifts or you can hand them out to your customers. They work well no matter where they are used.
  • Cleaning products are available too. If you want to allow your cleaning cloths to be promotional for your business, choose our products. You can inexpensively have them printed with your company’s name, message, slogan or logo on them. Everyone will know your employees care about cleanliness.
  • Simple and effective, consider our storage options, too. These products can be personalized with your corporate name and information for organizational needs.

When you think of homewares, you may think of products that are needed in the home, but remember that your corporate offices may have kitchens and many of these promotional items can also work well on the road. Give them to your favourite clients as a thank you for doing business with you. Give them to your employees as a gift for all of their hard work. In some cases, you can even sell these items behind your counter, with your company’s name and logo on them, to favourite customers who just love the products you sell.