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Red Fish Marketing offers Promotional USB drives, Promotional Products, Printed USB Memory Stick, Printed Mousemats & Mousepads, Promotion Mousemats, Promotional Computer Mouse & Computer Accessories, Printed Promotional Computer & Laptop Bags.


Help Your Sales Staff with IT Products

While you may not send your potential customers IT products such as computer bags and digital cameras, you can certainly use these kinds of products as incentives for your sales staff. What better way to encourage sale representatives to put more effort into drawing in new business—or increasing old—than with the promise of new IT products? While one would think incentive bonuses would work better for sales staff, this is not always the case. Sometimes gifts work better than the promise of cash; this may be for tax purposes or just the extra prestige that comes with earning a gift.

If your company is providing incentives for the sales staff in the form of IT products, does that mean you cannot use the same incentive to generate sales from existing or new customers? Not at all! Promotional IT products are just as effective for drawing in new customers as they are for creating incentives for your sales staff. While the higher priced IT products may be better for your sales staff, you can use some of the smaller products such as mice, headphones and mouse pads to generate new business. The effect of your efforts will vary depending upon the area where your company is located, the products or services your company offers, and the scope of your target audience.

The first thing you may want to do is encourage your sales staff to increase the dollar volume of sales. Once you are able to do that it will be easier for you to reinvest that money into your promotional budget in order to provide more incentives for your customers to buy more of your products and services. However, the main focus needs to be first on your sales staff; unless you have both inside and outside sales people willing to make the extra effort to approach the customers your promotional efforts will not do any good. Once you provide your sales staff, inside and outside, without the incentives they need to push for more sales it will be easier for you to justify the additional cost for IT products for your customers and potential customers.

Choosing the right promotional products for your sales staff as well as customers can be a difficult decision to make—at least for the latter. It is rather simple for sales people since you want to provide them with products that will provide them with an opportunity to approach the customers thus things such as computer cases, mobile phone accessories, and digital cameras can be quite helpful. These products will allow them to go into the field and have the equipment they need to approach customers—a laptop case for one. Other products such as flash drives can be helpful to both customers and sales staff.

If you are looking for a way to promote your business, using the USB flash drive that Red Fish Marketing has on offer can be very helpful. This will allow your sales staff to put all of the pertinent company information in one place instead of having to go to the expense of developing and printing thousands of brochures. With all of the information on the flash drive, your advertising budget will be reduced, and your potential customers will have more information about your company at their disposal. One of the best advertising tools you can provide for generating new business is information about your company.

What kind of information is important when you are looking to generate more business for your company? Providing all of the information on a flash drive is a good way for advertising, but it can also be a good advertising tool as well. Since these tools hold more files than a DVD or CD you will be providing your customers with a tool they can use in their business. This is especially important if you are working with small companies that may not have the funds available to invest in a great many of the high technology tools. Even speakers, tool kits and USB hub kits are quite essential products that a small business owner may not feel the need to purchase. However, if you provide one as part of a media kit it will certainly be appreciated. .

If you are looking for promotional products take the time to check the Red Fish Marketing website for some idea for products you can provide to your sales staff and your customers. The incentives you provide for additional business in both the local community and the global community will assure your company has a brand outside of Australia and the rest of the European Union states. The key is to make sure you provide your customers with an incentive to choose your company above all others, and you can only do this when you provide the highest quality service and take a personal interest in their business needs.

IT Products are a part of any business no matter where in the world you do business. Making these products available to customers and sales staff will assure you have the tools necessary to continue generating the business necessary to maintain a profitable sales volume. In order to assure you have the tools with which to do that it is a good idea to have a variety of different IT products as sales and promotional incentives rather than sending the same promotional materials to everyone. When you can make your customers feel as though they are special you have a much better chance for retaining their loyalty.

The best “tools of the trade” are those that will leave customers with the feeling they are the only customer you have. While in reality they know this is not correct, your job is to make them feel that way. The more you cater to your customers the better the chances are those customers will talk to their vendors who are looking for products and services you can provide. Make your promotional efforts pay off by generating customers not only from your own efforts directly but through the efforts of your customers as well.