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Outdoor and Leisure

Red Fish Marketing offers Promotional Sports Gear, Branded Outdoor Promotion Products, Sports Water bottles, BBQ Sets, Printed Outdoor and Sports Promotion Gear, Picnic Sets & Pedometers


Outdoor & Leisure

Outdoor and leisure themed promotional products may be just what you need to help your business to promote a new business venture, a new marketing plan or even just to build your brand. Outdoor and leisure promotional products are some of the favourites of receivers since they provide such a great selection of options and most are great tools to use numerous times. This only furthers their success for your goal, of promoting a product or a business.

Take some time to check out the outdoor and leisure promotional items we have available to you.  Red Fish Marketing has ensured the finest quality products and you are able to personalize them or customize them in many ways so that they consistently fit with your goals. Many times, colours, printing and even the design of the product can be customized. If you are not sure of the customization options available to you, simply ask us.

Most business owners and marketing directors are looking for a way to get their brand out there. Not only can you accomplish that through providing fun and loved promotional products, but remember that many of these tools can also be used within your business, to provide your employees and staff with tools they need with your company brand and logo on them. Think about how you can use these promotional goods within your business’s promotional budget.

Great Promotional Gifts

Some of the most popular reasons to turn to these promotional products is to use them as gifts for your staff, business partners or even just a great customer. Consider the follow outdoor and leisure promotional items that work very well as gifts.

  • Our selection of barbeques and BBQ sets is excellent. Many of these products can be personalized with your message. They are well made, highly useful and they are packaged in a fitting, professional manner which makes them valuable. Give these to a great employee or you may even want to hand them out as a prize your customer wins.
  • Do you have a younger audience? Are you looking for a great promotional product for teens and college kids? If so, check out our sports kits. These sports kits are designed to be a whole lot of fun to use, while still sporting your marketing message on them. Choose from several options. Give them as a gift to a great team player or even use them as a way to build team skills within your office.
  • Check out our picnic sets. For another fun option for gift giving, these picnic sets make a fun gift that is also highly useful. We have selected items that are high in quality for you and packed with goodies. Even more so, you will find that these are stylish products that are great to give as giveaway gifts or even for a great business partner to enjoy.

Many of the sports and leisure promotional products we offer provide you with excellent function and are a whole lot of fun to have. Most anyone would be happy to receive these.

Check Out Unique Gifts

Perhaps you are looking for promotional products that are a bit more useful. If so, we have a wide range of products that can work in a number of different ways but that can provide you with a valuable promotional product that they will love.

  • Check out our line of sunglasses. You customize them to fit your needs and then, whenever they are worn, your marketing message is being sported. Give them to employees working in the sun or as a great holiday gift.
  • Umbrellas are always a smart option. Choose those that we have selected here for their stylish look and their well made features. You choose the design and look of them, including having your message placed on them.
  • Cooler bags are something everyone wants and they can be a good choice for virtually anyone who you may be thinking of providing promotional goods to. Hand them out to lucky drawing winners from your customers. Give them to each of your employees as a thank you gift. Give them to the frequent traveller in your business or to an important client.

As you can see, these highly useful items are sure to be a big hit. But, you do not always have to choose something that is formal. We have some other great options that really work well.

For example, in the right atmosphere, the binoculars we offer can be the perfect tool. Give these as a gift to your potential business partners. As they pier through them, they can further examine the profit potential of your business plan.

If you are looking for a way to promote a special event or you are looking for a way to encourage your team to have fun, check out our Frisbees and beach balls. They contain your message but they are used countless times over by those who are looking for a way to simply enjoy themselves.

If you still want additional options, check out the chairs and the coolers and warmers Red Fish Marketing has available to you. These products are all designed to provide you with a highly usable product but one that features your company’s logo and brand name on them.  We also offer highly specialized promotional products including:

  • Picnic and travel rugs
  • Seed packs, pots and packets
  • Telescopes

When it comes to sports and leisure, our outdoor promotional products are the right fit. You will find that any of these products can be customized in various ways to help you to get your message out there. Many times, you will love these items so much so that you will want to keep one for yourself. Each time they are used, your message gets out there, for all to see. That helps to build brand recognition while also helping to create employee respect and faithfulness. That is the perfect combination for any promotional product.