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Promotional Badges

A complete range of name badges for ID and promotions. Promotional Badges are available in a range of sizes and material such as metal, plastic & epoxy.


Promotional Name Badges

Name badges are known to be very useful, not just inside your business, but outside too. Name badges tell people the following details:

  • Your name
  • The official position in the company
  • The name of the company you represent

The great thing about name badges is that if anybody has any sort of doubt about who you or your employees are, you really do not need to do much, all you will need to do is to show the person or persons your name badges and you will of course immediately eradicate the doubts. Another great thing about these badges is that they are very affordable and can be used over again.

What Makes These Badges So Great?

  • The company’s name, logo, name of employee and the employee’s position in the company are the bits of information that one will find on name badges.
  • They can be easily used in any job situation.
  • Name badges can be used at work, at meetings with the company’s board of directors, at seminars and at conferences.

Name Badges Are Also Convenient to Use

Name badges are very convenient because they can be ordered in very large amounts. These badges can easily be slipped into plastic holders that employees can have pinned to their clothes. If their job position changes, a new one can be printed out and placed in the name badge holder. We provide name badge holders in different sizes.

Promotional Badges

There are so many types of company promotional strategies, such as running radio and television advertisements, throwing parties, events, etc., but with the present global financial crisis, the best thing to do is to search for cheaper ways to promote your company without totally loosening the purse strings. It is a known fact that placing ads on TV and radio and even hosting events will cost a lot of money. With promotional badges, you can promote your business directly to the consumers, these badges are quite inexpensive.

Promotional badges are wearable items that are made from plastic, epoxy, metal, etc., badges are very popular accessories that can be attached to bags, clothing, vehicles, house hold appliances or even footwear.

The 3 Different Types of Badges

  1. Name badges – these are badges that are usually used at events, presentations or exhibits because it is known for its identity providing features. A name badge is the best way for your company or organization to known by people. Red Fish Marketing can provide you with well designed, sensible and neat promotional badges that will really help to boost your company’s image immensely. Corporate badges with company logo can be engraved on the name badges.
  2. Flashing buttons badges are very beautiful and trendy pin or button badges that are made of LED, this enables the badge to flash in the dark. These flashing badges are available in multi-colour finishes that will give a very stylish look.
  3. Customized metal badges are great if you are searching for ways of standing out when you want to promote your company or organization.

Why Opt for Promotional Badges?

Badges are really great if you are planning a direct marketing approach, because these badges are wearable, trendy, available in different funky styles, convenient and very affordable. For instance, the media business really benefits a lot from promotional badges, because they are used for promoting records, record releases and concerts. Charity and civic institutions are also known to use badges for their wonderful mass appeal by inscribing their slogans on these badges. Because these badges are known to have huge mass appeal and also have attention grabbing designs. One can easily take advantage of various events where these badges will be given away in order to promote the company.

At Red Fish Marketing, you can get these l badges personalized according to the company’s campaign, catchphrase or the message that you want your company to convey. You need to understand that promotional badges will always remain in fashion. We offer beautiful small or large button badges that will get your message to your target market.

More Information on Promotional Name Badges

Agreed, promotional name badges might not really be a very exciting topic to discuss on, but these badges can be a really exciting part of your company. Seriously, there are great for your business because we offer you the opportunity to invest in name badges that even be used permanently for all your employees each time they attend seminars, conferences and any other type of event that will be an advantage to your company. Yes, the more attractive the name badges your employees adorn, the more attention they will definitely get. Now, the more attention that they receive, this of course means that they are really doing their job as promotional name badges.

You can utilize promotional name badges in different situations. If you choose to use plastic name badges, you can easily use them over and over. If you and your employees have to attend an event where your company must be represented, you and your employees can wear these name badges. As soon as you have your business name, logo and your personal name are on the badges, you now have a promotional stuff you can use. They are a lot of people who do not understand that having promotional name badges can really help them. They simply think that they are just making sure that their employees identify each other and can be identified too.