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Promotional Calendars

A range of calendars for 2016. Whether you are after desk, wall or fridge calendars we've got your promotional calendar needs covered.



Calendars are a sure fire way to create brand awareness among clients. These days, one of the best ways of marketing effectively is to use promotional items in order to create the brand awareness in the minds of the masses. 

Producing Custom Calendars

When you are thinking of producing your company’s calendars, there are some factors that you will have to put into consideration first; what will the target client use the calendar for? This is the most important question that you need to figure out. If you are targeting office based clients, then you should think of desk calendars. If the target clients are always on the road or have field based jobs, then you will need to provide them with fridge calendars.

You also need to understand that you will not be the only one giving out promotional diaries to your clients and potential clients. Your target market will receive lots of diaries every year, so you have to make sure that your company’s promotional diaries and calendars stand out from the crowd – doing this will ensure that your customer choose to use the promotional diary and calendar provided by your company instead.

At Red Fish Marketing, it is our job to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. We offer diaries and calendars printing service that is second to none. We offer promotional diaries and calendars that are available in various kinds of sizes, shapes and attractive colours. All you need to do is to choose the layout of diaries and calendars and have us personalise it with your company’s name and, logo and details.

Promotional Calendar 

Are you thinking of what good is a promotional calendar anyway? Well, promotional calendar marketing sure has a lot of advantages over any other form of marketing and these advantages are:

  • You will have control over distribution
  • All year round exposure of your business
  • Your customers will surely appreciate your thoughtful gift
  • You can have large amount of impressions each month at a low price for each impression
  • Everyone needs calendars, your customers will certainly ask for one every year

So you see why you need to consider using a promotional calendar? No other form of marketing can really make the above advertising impact. Other forms of advertising usually take the direct approach by targeting a broad audience hoping to get a few customers. You stand a chance of remembering the ad on a promotional calendar that you presently have in your home or office, than the ads you see in newspapers or radio stations. A promotional calendar does really make a lot of sense if you want to a pretty strong marketing impact.

The Other Advantages When Choosing to Advertise With Corporate Calendars

It is a known fact that all advertisers have 3 important needs and these needs are:

1. Build Brand Identity

A promotional calendar will help build brand identity throughout the whole year, at different times of the day. Promotional calendars provide buyers the following information:

  • Tell them who you are
  • Where your office or factory is located
  • The products and or services that your company provide

The advertising on promotional calendars does a good job of reinforcing one’s business trademark in the home or office.

2. Get New Business

The great thing about a promotional calendar is that it talks everyday to the prospective client reminding him or her of your business and also inviting new and more business for you. You need to understand that a promotional calendar is every advertiser’s silent sales rep.

3. Keep Good Customers

You also need to know that a promotional calendar is perceived as a “thank you” by customers for patronizing your business. Customers remember this “thank you” gesture any time they use the calendar for scheduling their week or for references.

So How Will a Promotional Calendar Really Support These Three Important Needs?

  1. Promotional calendars are known to have low cost per impression. It is no secret that in our daily lives, we often refer to a calendar a lot of times. With this regular referral by people in the office and in the various households, this simply makes a promotional calendar beat out other forms of media when it comes to cost per eye impression.
  2. Another good thing about promotional calendars is that they have controlled distribution. This simply means that every dollar you invest in the production of the promotional calendar is directed at the exact target market or the persons or group of persons you wish to reach.
  3. Promotional calendar is known to have a really long life. Calendars are often used and referred to for 365 or 366 days every year and even some times, some people go on to save calendars for personal records to remind them of certain events etc. this gives your business sign a place for everyday throughout the entire year. At Red Fish Marketing, we offer unique and attractive promotional calendar designs that are very beautiful to look at.
  4. A promotional calendar is definitely a daily need. According to surveys, about 98 percent of all households and a hundred percent of businesses use one calendar (at least) and typically own up to 4 calendars.
  5. A promotional calendar is also quite personal because a lot of people become deeply involved with his or her calendar when they are recording data or using it for references. Women use calendars in order to keep track of their menstrual cycle, pregnancy chart, eating or diet plans. About 65 percent of people who use calendars often use it to write out reminders of the day, meetings or appointments. Because people use calendars each day, you are sure that your advertising sign is working for you everyday.
  6. Promotional calendar sure has continuity because your company’s message lives with your client or customer each day, thanking him or her for their past patronage and also inviting them to continue patronising your business in the future. Most recipients of your company’s promotional calendars are most likely to ask for another one the following year. Seriously, have you ever heard of anyone who goes to ask a company for their TV, radio or newspaper ad copy before?
  7. A promotional calendar is truly appreciated by the receiver. Yes, a lot of people appreciate receiving a calendar from a company and truly place real value on it. According to surveys, about 67 percent of people who use marketing calendars will go on to purchase a calendar – that is, if a promotional calendar was not given to them.
  8. Promotional calendars are often placed or hung where people make buying decisions. The promotional calendars that you provide will really get a valuable position on the desk or wall in the homes and or offices where so many people are known to make their buying decisions. Calendars are truly your silent sales rep in the places where you cannot be to make your sales pitch.

At Red Fish Marketing, we have beautifully printed calendars, custom calendars, direct mail calendars, promotional calendar cases, desk calendars, perpetual calendars and so on.

Just remember this, no matter the design you choose, printing your own promotional calendars will really be a great hit with your customers or clients, especially if it is something they really look forward to each year. You will of course ensure that you mail each receiver’s promotional calendar much earlier before your customers or clients start to think of shopping for calendars – this way, your business name will be on display all year round.