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Promotional Headwear

Promotional caps, beanies and hats are the ideal way to increase your company's visibility long-term. Give them out as contest giveaways or corporate gifts. Recipients will love the thought and gladly wear your logo hat for years.


Promotional Headwear Makes Statement

Headwear is one of the most usable and longest term types of promotional marketing material available. Those who are looking for a way to get their promotional message out can do so easily with the use of the most effective headwear. Keep in mind that there are dozens of options available to you through Red Fish Marketing. How can you use headwear for promotional use?

Giving Logo Hats As Gifts

Employees, vendors and other service providers deserve a thank you every now and then. Promotional Headwear is an easy way to do just that. There are many products available that can contain your business logo or marketing slogan. They can be given to employees to wear outside of work, promoting your business throughout the area. They can also work well as a way to thank vendors who provide regular service to you.

When choosing promotional hats for this particular purpose, there are a few options to choose from. Red Fish Marketing provides a wide range of options to consider, but keep in mind that these options can be customized to fit your business’s needs.

For outdoor workers, give akubra hats. These hats are an ideal option for anyone. Choose from styles such as cowboy hats and fedora hats. They make a statement and they work well at keeping the sun out of the eyes. Allow the brim to carry your promotional message.

For the younger generation, consider beanies. These knitted beanies may be selected in the colours most ideal for your particular business. You can have them embroidered with a special message or your company’s logo. Teens and young adults can wear them regularly to help promote your business.

Caps are perhaps the best option for those looking for stylish and fun options. Caps may be worn in restaurants or on the job as a way of keeping hair out of the workplace and providing shade for the eyes. Caps can easily be tailored to fit your company’s message and marketing slogan.

Visors are a good option for those working in hot environments where sun shading for the eyes is necessary. These too can be tailored to fit your company’s colour, logo and design.

For something more interesting, choose the bucket hat, commonly known as a sun hat. Choose a bright colour and give these away to employees working in the field. Straw hats are another great option for just this need. For beach workers and vendors, surf hats with tie strings are a great choice. Customize any of these options to include the look that fits your particular needs.

Working Hats

Many of the headwear promotional items listed here work very well as gifts, but consider how well they function within the workplace itself. From visors which work well in a customer service area where blocking the sun is necessary to baseball caps which are ideal for any kitchen work, these headwear items help to distinguish your employees from others. They also work very well at impressing your clients. When your employees have matching headwear and they are consistently wearing these items within the workplace, you can build your brand image, slowly creating a unique look special to your particular business.

How To Choose The Best Promotional Hats

If you are planning to purchase any of the headwear promotional gear from Red Fish Marketing, you can count on these items to be high in quality, durable and long lasting. However, there are a few things to take into consideration before you actual purchase these items. You do want to ensure that you are always getting the finest quality available and a product that is going to meet or exceed your needs.

Here are a few tips to help you to choose the best headwear promotional item for your business, for gifts or for regular use within your business.

Consider the style of the headwear. Who is the person that is most likely to wear this item? It should be someone who would be your customer. Choose a hat or other product that is something they are going to wear. Consider baseball caps and beanies for the younger generation and straw hats or cowboy style hats for the older generation of customers.
Ensure the headwear is usable within the way it will be used. In the workplace, it needs to remain secure on the head, shading the eyes from sun, if that is necessary, and it should provide comfort for long wear. Outdoor products should provide good ventilation while still being stylish and easy to use.

Consider the headwear as a statement piece. Customization of the logo, message or other information is often necessary. If everyone is to wear the same headgear, be sure that these items help them to stand out. In situations where you want your business to stand out, always select headwear that is going to make a statement for your business.

The good news is that with the products you will find here, personalizing or making the headwear your own is easy enough to do. Choose the colour and design of the headwear within the parameters we offer. You can choose the logo to place on the hat. You can also choose any type of marketing message that is important to your business. Style, size and personalization makes these promotional items interesting and unique. Giving away these types of items, with your company’s logo on them, makes them more likely to be worn over the other basic or boring products available.

At Red Fish Marketing, our promotional headwear items range widely just as your customers and employees do. We provide exceptional quality. Each product is made to fit your particular need while still providing you with the affordable price you need to have to make sure these items fit within your budget. Choose products that make a statement, serve a specific function in your business or just look great when others wear them. Logo hats are something that people will wear time and time again, with your promotional message on them.