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Promotional Keyrings

Promotional keyrings keep your company logo on the mind of your customers everywhere they go. Redfish Marketing offers a great selection of keyrings from laser engraved silver and stainless steel to keyrings and multifunction keyrings to inexpensive keyrings in dozens of shapes and styles. Impress your clients and employees with some of our custom imprinted keyrings and improve your promotional campaign today!

Australia's best range of metal keyrings and keytags, promotions keyring, auto key rings, acrylic and plastic keyrings and key tags available.


Keyrings Promotional Items Follow Your Company

Keyrings are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to get your promotional message out. Most people like keyrings. Most people have keys that they can place the keyring on. In doing so, they give you the power to keep your business message or slogan out there. Not only will the recipient always be reminded of your company every time they pick up their keys, but so will anyone else who comes into view of them. This allows you to have countless people consistently seeing your corporate message, logo or new slogan.

How Keyrings Work As Promotional Gifts

Keyrings are highly affordable and they can easily be used within most businesses. Even if you have a limited budget, but want an effective promotional tool, this product may be one of the best to choose from.

  • Give these items to your customers who come in an on a special day. Most everyone will place the keyring on their keys right away and will remember your business countless times per day.
  • Give these to your employees as a way of saying thank you for getting through a difficult patch or for just being good employees.
  • Use these keyrings in schools to promote a student related message for others to see.
  • Give these promotional keyrings as gifts. Several of the options we offer at Red Fish Marketing are ideal for gift giving.

Once you have found the right person to give these promotional keyrings to, you can then count on the return. Most people use their keys numerous times per day. They drive others around. They allow valets to park their cars. There are many instances when that keyring will be read by another person. Each time it is, this helps to cement your business slogan or new marketing message. You can use these to easily and affordably build your brand awareness.

Cost Effectiveness

One of the key benefits of choosing promotional keyrings from Red Fish Marketing is that they are highly inexpensive. You can purchase thousands within your promotional budget to give to employees, staff, vendors and customers. The more that you get out into the world, the more brand recognition you build since more people will see these repeatedly.

Our Options

Consider the various types of promotional keyrings we have available to you. What you may notice is that they are not all simple and boring. They actually can be highly desirable.

  • Choose a bottle opener keyring. This makes the ideal choice in numerous situations, but it can work well as a gift to employees or a thank you to a new client.
  • Carabiner keyrings are not only great choices for keys but they are great on the trail, too. These highly effective products are personalized with your message and are sure to get a great deal of use.
  • A very popular option for students, teachers and professionals are our flash drive keyrings. These USB drive keyrings can travel with your professionals to and from their place of work or school taking important documents with them over and over again. These highly useful keyrings are also highly affordable.  They are some of the most desirable of options on the market today.

These options are all helpful and useful keyrings. However, if you are not sure how to make the right choice, consider a few helpful tips.

Using Promotional Keyrings

We have many other options for you in promotional keyrings at Red Fish Marketing. To make sure that you get the full use of these products, consider these tips that can help you to get the most out of them.

Do you want to promote your message to a large group of people? Perhaps you want to give something away at the next sports game in town. Choose our novelty keyrings. Youc an even find sports related items here. People love getting something free and these items are one of the most ideal for promotional messages. Simply have your corporate message placed on the side of the novelty keyring.

Perhaps you need some help with a professional gift. You want to say thank you to a long serving employee or you wish to thank a new business partner. One of the options that is highly recommend is our leather keyrings. These elegant options are affordable, but they are more stylish and they have a higher quality level.

Do you want more function out of the keyring that you give? Perhaps you want to give a gift to your employees that they can use on the job or at home. Consider the tool keyrings we offer. These easy to use metal tools fold up into the keyring that is easy to carry. However, they are highly functional and very helpful in tight situations, too.

Teens and college students love torch keyrings. These display a light at the nd of them that is just enough to light a small area. These keyrings are affordable options and a great way to promote your message to the younger generation, though anyone will like to have these in hand.

When you want to send out thousands of keyrings or you want one of the most inexpensive options to offer numerous people, consider the plastic keyrings. Give these to customers who come in for the day or hand them out to your large staff. They are able to be customized in numerous colors and shapes to fit your needs. An upscale version of these that makes a great gift is the metal keyrings we offer.

One thing is for certain. If you want to get your message out inexpensively, you can do just that with promotional keyrings. Red Fish Marketing has a huge assortment of items for you to choose from. Most can be customized with your company’s logo or slogan. You can even market your business’s new campaign through these keyrings if you would like to. Choose the one that fits your needs the best.