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Promotional Pens

Promotional Pens are a great way to promote your business.


Promotional Pens For Corporate Gifts

Thanking an important employee or customer with a token of your appreciation is an important part of any business. That is why we know the importance of offering you elegant and useful promotional items that you can feel great about gifting for those important occasions, that includes promotional pens. Red Fish Marketing provides you with an assortment of choices that you can pick and choose from, that fit with virtually every possible need.

Who Can You Gift Promotional Pens to?

There is no limit to the ways that you can use the prom pens as promotional gifts. Here are some ideas of when this might be the best choice for your particular needs:

  • Choose personalized pens to give as a thank you gift to employees who have reached a certain level of employment with you. These make great gifts to give with bonuses or just as a way to say thank you for working the last year with your company.
  • Give it to that business partner that just signed that all important deal with your company.
  • Hand out highlighters at an important seminar you are a part of. With your company logo on them, and with the styles of highlighter availables, you can definitely get your point across and give your brand great exposure.
  • Give out personalized pens to those who come to your place of business and need to use them. While you may need to have pens on hand so that your clients can sign checks and contracts, keep in mind that they are likely to take them home. With your company's name on them, that is a good thing. It helps to create brand awareness while individuals are away from your place of business.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can use pens and other writing utensils in a promotional marketing method. The products at Red Fish Marketing are designed to provide you with the highest quality results and you can count on them to be usable, effective, affordable and impressive, no matter how you use them.


What Are Your Options

Consider the following list of options available to you from Red Fish Marketing in our personalize pen section. Remember that you can change these up to fit your particular needs many times over. Here are some ideas to consider.

  • We offer a larger selection of highlighters. Give these to your employees before a big meeting or hand them out during a presentation that you plan to give to prospective clients or business partners. They are sure to be impressed with your company’s logo on them.
  • Light up and glow pens are sometimes a bit more whimsical but they are just as excellent as a gift. You can give these as gifts, depending on which type you select, or you can hand them out to customers or employees. This style often appeals to the younger generation, including teens, kids and college aged people. However, they work well in various other businesses, too.
  • Metal pens are by far the most common type of pen people use. Our promotional metal pens feature your name and they work well as a gift or just as a writing instrument that your employees and customers can use. These are affordable, but once they sign on the contract with them, these pens are sure to be a great marketing tool for you, too.
  • Markers are great for presentations or from classes. You can use them in various ways within your business. You can also hand them out at a seminar in the hopes that others will participate using them. With your company logo on them, or even your next big marketing campaign message, everyone is sure to get your point clearly.
  • Multi function pens are a bit higher end in terms of quality, but they can be an even better gift to hand out to employees, business associates or even participants at your special event. These are still inexpensive, but they are often more impressive to the user.
  • Pen sets are an excellent option when it comes to giving an important gift or thank you present. The pen sets we offer are elegant and affordable at the same time. Choose the product that best fits your particular needs. Give these to business associates or to business partners when you want them to remember your company or your marketing slogan.
  • Pencils are necessary in many businesses but keeping a stash of these on hand allows you to give them out to anyone, at any time. If you are conducting a survey or you are handling a special event in which you want your clients, customers or business associates to jot down notes or to leave comments, these pencils are a great choice for doing just that.

While these are some of the most common options in writing instruments, there are several other things to consider, too. Choose pen holders, pen packaging and pens with neck holders as your needs fit. We also offer some fairly impressive recycled pens and pencils which are sure to help you to get the message out that your business cares about the environment. You can also choose from our selection of pens for mobile phones and plastic pens. Each option works well and provides a long life.

You can take a simple pen and add your company’s logo to it or add your company’s marketing slogan to it. You are sure to find a number of ways to hand them out in your day to day business affairs or to give personalized options out to those all important employees and other business associates.

All of the products offered by Red Fish Marketing are high in quality to fit your particular needs