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Promotional Towels

Red Fish Marketing offers a wide range of promotional towels.


Here are five great reasons why custom towels are a great promotional product;
1. When was the last time you threw away a towel? Branded towels last a lifetime
2. Promotional towels are the perfect gift for both men and women of all ages
3. One size fits all
4. One of the largest print areas of all promotional products
5. Perfect for product launches, sporting events, sponsorship programs, corporate and conference gifts, catalogue programs, incentives, Christmas gifts and many more

Towels As Promotional Gifts

Towels are a simple thing but they can be part of your promotional gift giving. From your employees to your customers, towels are a great way to promote your business. You can customize them in many ways. You can also give them out for numerous occasions. They are affordable, easy to use and they provide you with many options. Red Fish Marketing is providing you with a large selection of towel promotional gifts that you can take advantage of. Beyond a doubt, this is one product you want to consider for virtually any promotional program your business is running.

How To Use Towels

How can towels be an effective promotional gift? Depending on the type of business you are in and what your marketing goals are, you can definitely take advantage of this simple but effective marketing promotional item. Here are some ways you can use them to achieve your promotional goals.

  • Salon towels are one option available to you from our company. If you own a salon, providing your employees with these towels to use is a great way to build brand recognition by using something you need anyway. Keep in mind that you can have your company’s logo on these towels in any way that works for you. As your salon patrons visit, they can see your slogan or business logo, which will help them to keep from forgetting your business.
  • Bath towels are one of the more commonly selected promotional products. Our promotional bath towels are customizable to fit your needs. Use them in employee restrooms, customer restrooms, but most importantly in your hotels and motels. You can use them in your spas or in any other establishment. The key is to be sure that your guests remember their experience and remember your logo at the same time.
  • Beach towels are another type of towel we offer as a promotional product. Beach towels are fun and lightweight. They are perfect for the beach or the pool and they are highly affordable for you. Give these away during the summer months to customers. Give them to your employees.
  • Kitchen towels and accessories are a great way to get your promotional message out into the public arena. Many people are happy to get an oven mitt or tea towels as a gift. Your customers will appreciate the free pot holders and aprons that you give them. You can also use these within your business as part of your usable supplies. Your logo on the side of them is all that is needed to get your message out.
  • Sports towels are one of the most popular options for outdoor activities because of the way they are made and how easy they are to transport. Give these away to customers or to your favourite business associates. You can give them away as a marketing item to build customer rapport or you can allow your employees to use them.
  • On the golf course, the sun and dirt create a unique situation in which having a handy golf towel is necessary from time to time. Imagine being on the golf course with business partners and pulling out your golf towels, with your promotional message on them. Not only will they be impressed with your business, but they will be happy to accept one of these towels too, which means they will remember your business.

As you can see, there are many types of promotional towels available to you. We also provide travel towels that are great to give business professionals that travel frequently and towel package that you can customize.

Choosing the Right Product

Now that you know some of the options available to you in towel promotional products, take into consideration how to choose the right product. These tips are sure to help you in making the right decision when it comes to picking a product.

  • Always purchase high quality products. At Red Fish Marketing, all of the products we offer are of high quality. You still get a great price but you get anpromotional towel that you can be proud to hand out to your customers or clients.
  • When purchasing these items as gifts to be given to business professionals, partners and associates do invest in products that are in gift sets or choose several promotional items to give at one time. That helps you to create a set of products and a theme to them.
  • Choose products you can customize in a way that is fitting for your promotional goals. For example, choose colours, images and designs that work for your business. We can help you to design a product that fits your particular marketing campaign or just include your business contact information and logo. You choose what works for your particular needs.
  • Be creative. Giving promotional items like this often means presenting them around a theme. If you are giving away a larger gift, such as a free trip to the beach, our beach towels are a great gift to give anyone who enters the contest. Every time they are on the beach, that towel is helping to build your marketing brand.

With so many options available to you to customize and use these promotional towels, there is no doubt they should be part of your marketing campaign. Consider these options and then plan your program. You will find many of the products you can choose from are highly affordable and will fit into even some of the most restrictive marketing budgets.

Towels are a good choice for those who need to give something as a thank you to hard working employees. These towels work well as gifts for holiday parties or even for the business partner you hope to impress. Choose the style and type that work best for the particular reason you are giving them. Red Fish Marketing products are all well made and customizable to include your printed image or message.