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Wine and Accessories

Australia's most complete range of promotional wine accessories and wine corporate gifts, beverage accessories, wine corkscrew, and bottle openers.


Wine & Accessories Work As Promotional Items

Creating a promotional campaign is easier when you use the wine and accessory products offered by Red Fish Marketing. Our complex assortment of promotional gifts and tools can help you to build your brand or to give you an effective way to thank those who are most important to the success of your business. All of our products are well made and designed to last as well as impress. Keep in mind that you do not have to compromise on quality to get an affordable price on your products.

Why Wine Works

One of the most impressive ways to honour your important business associates and clients is with a fabulous glass of wine. The good news is that the products that are available to you through Red Fish Marketing are affordable and they provide you with a range of unique options to fit virtually any need. You can give these items to virtually anyone in any situation:

  • Give wine to your favourite business partners who have helped to make your business what it is right now. Most professionals appreciate wine.
  • If you have an important client you want to impress, one of the best options available to you is wine and its accessories.
  • To honour a special event or an important milestone with your employees, use wine as a gift. It is highly respectful and an impressive choice for virtually any employee related occasion in which you want to impress those involved.

There are many ways and reasons to use wine and accessories for promotional use. Be creative. In many cases, wine works in virtually any situation which means you are free to give wine as a gift whenever you are looking for something to give that is professional and elegant.

Wine Products

Look at the full line of products that Red Fish Marketing has to offer to you in the wine and accessories section. What you will find is that there is a large selection of products for you to choose from. Many of these are customizable to include your specific information. Be sure to look through several options before making your selection.

Custom Label Wine: Our custom label wine is one of the easiest choices for an impressive gift. You can have the wine label customized with your business’s name and information on it. You can even use it as a great way to celebrate a special event by including that information on the label.

Custom Label Beer: If you are not a wine lover but want to have just as an impressive gift, consider custom label beer promotional products. These can be used in the same way and they have the same overall appeal to them. Choose from an assortment of products that give you the flexibility you need around the budget that you have.

When it comes to accessories, Red Fish Marketing provides you with a large assortment of options to choose from. Keep in mind your desired use for these promotional items, such as for gifts or perhaps for employee recognition. Then, choose items that seem to provide you with the feel and look you are after. Here are some of the products you will find available to you from Red Fish Marketing:

  • Corkscrews and openers are an impressive gift. You can choose from our selection of products that range in style and function. You can add your company’s logo to these or you can choose a product that delivers your special message.
  • Check out our decanter products. Perhaps your business is closing an important deal. On the other hand, your business may want to honour an important client or a business partner. This is an ideal promotional gift to give in that situation. These elegant and well made products are sure to provide you with the impressive response you are after and yet they still fit within your promotional budget.
  • Port crocks are an impressive gift. Giving one of these as a promotional product is an ideal choice for those formal events where you want to impress the recipient. These make the ideal choice for those who are closing an important deal or when you want to honour valuable employee. You can customize these to fit your particular needs, too.
  • Consider openers and stoppers. These, too, can be customized to fit your business’s particular needs. You will find a wide range of products on the market to select from, including many that are highly affordable. Choose products that fit your needs. You can also pair these items with others in our wine accessories for a complete gift.
  • Wine and champagne buckets are a fun and easily impressive promotional product. If you are having a special event, use these for the tables. If you have a restaurant where you serve wine, these products, with your company’s logo and brand on them can help to cement your brand in the eyes of each of your guests. These affordable but elegant products are perfect for any situation.
  • Wine carriers make an excellent choice for many reasons. They can be given with a bottle of your customized wine to an important client. They also work well as gifts for employees, perhaps even those who are retiring or leaving their service with you. Choose a wide range of products and customize them to impress your guests.

There are several other options you can choose from including our wine charms, wine funnels, wine gift packs and wine packaging. For the most complete option, choose are wine gift packs. These are fun gifts that you can be elegant and sophisticated as well. Focus on the items that you are most interested in or those that work well for the special event you are hosting. Chances are good, all of these will impress your guests, clients, employees or that business partner you hope to land. Choose from one or more of these products for the best results.