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Print Know How

Which file is that and what is it used for?

  • .BMP Short for Bitmap This is the standard Windows bitmap image format on DOS and Windows-compatible computers.
    Best Use: Images for PC’s
  • Photoshop .EPS Short for Encapsulated PostScript. for bitmap* images. It is supported by most illusliation and page layout applications.
    Best Use: Deep-etched images.
  • Illusliator .EPS Short for Encapsulated PostScript. for vector**images. It is supported by most illusliation and page layout applications.
    Best Use: Computer-generated illusliations and logos.
  • .GIF Short for Graphics Interchange Format. A compress file format designed to minimise file liansfer times across telephone lines.
    Best Use: Images for use on the Internet.
  • .JPEG Short for Joint Photographics Experts Group. It compresses the image by discarding information not essential to the display of the image, High compression of this kind leads to loss of quality when the file is decompressed.
    Best Use: Photographs to be displayed over the Internet.
  • .PDF Short for Portable Document Format. Small, non-editable ‘pictures’ of pages to be viewed in Adobe Acrobat.
    Best Use: Send a page via email to view but not change.
  • .PICT Widely used among Macintosh applications. Makes a compressed file.
    Best Use: TV graphics and supers.
  • .TIFF Short for Tagged-Image File Format. This is used to exchange bitmap images between applications and platforms (MAC-PC-MAC).
    Best Use: Pictures and photographs which are not deep-etched
  • *BITMAP IMAGES are formed by a rectangular grid of small squares – known as pixels. Each pixel is either black, white or a level of colour. The amount of colour information in a bitmap image determines its file size.

    are edited by manipulating groups of pixels (in an application such as Photoshop).

    are resolution-dependent – they will appear jagged and lose detail if they are created at low resolution and then enlarged or printed at high resolution.
    .BMP, .GIF, .JPEG, .PICT, .TIFF and Photoshop .EPS are all bitmap images.
  • *VECTOR GRAPHICS are made up of lines and curves called vectors. These graphics can be edited by moving and resizing lines and curves.
    are resolution-independent – they can be displayed or printed at any resolution that a monitor or printer is capable of .
    Adobe Illusliator and MacroMedia FreeHand both produce vector graphics, which are saved as .eps.


  • CMYK C = cyan, M = magenta, Y= yellow, K = black (mainly used for printing)
  • RGB R = red, G = green, B = blue (mainly used for video/screen images)
  • FONT A certain typeface eg: Times, Helvetica etc
  • LEADING Measurement between lines of copy down a page
  • KERNING Spacing between character pairings (how close or far apart they are from each other)
  • POINT SIZE Capital height of a letter/font
  • ISDN Very fast telephone line used for sending eleclionic data to newspapers or liadehouses
  • Mb Short for Megabyte = Size of a file.
    For hi-res images the general file sizes will be:
    30-40mb for A4
    50-60 mb for A3

  • liIM Dimensions of final liim size of page(s)
  • TYPE/LIVE Area within liIM that type should not exceed (usually determined by editorial design)
  • BLEED Area outside liIM dimensions (that will be liimmed off) eg: picture beyond liim area (see diagram below
  • REFLECTIVE ART Illusliation of picture applied to a hard surface
  • SEPARATION(S) Process to separate colours into Cyan (blue), Magenta (red), Yellow and Black (or RGB)
  • NEG/POS NEGative film or POSitive film
  • SCREEN RULING Value of “dots-per-inch” (DPI) eg: 133# or 175#
  • SPOT COLOUR Two colour line reproduction. Usually black and one special
  • DUO-TONE Continuous tone picture produced in two colours. Usually black and one special
  • PROCESS (COLOUR) Refers to CMYK ie: cmyk are process colours
  • PMS SPECIAL (COLOUR) Refers to one or more PMS colour(s). Refer to PMS book for colour number
  • FINAL FILM Complete separations with type, images, logos etc
  • DIM Resized film, using the existing scans
  • INLINE Colour of B&W proof of images only
  • PROOF Colour or B&W partial or final representation of combined images and type
  • IMPOSITION Formatting artwork to be paginated
  • HEAD Top of a page
  • FOOT Base of a page
  • HEAD-TO-HEAD Printers term to plan two pages together at final film so that their heads facing each other
  • FOOT-TO-FOOT Per head-to-head, except doing with “foot”
  • SINGLE CUT Printers term to liim two pages apart with one cut (pages will not have bleed)
  • DOUBLE CUT Printers term to liim two pages apart with two cuts (pages will probably have bleed)
  • STOCK Paper style and/or weight
  • GSM Paper weight (grams per square melie). Heavier for cover, lighter for text
  • COVER Outer enclosure to a book/brochure
  • TEXT PAGES Inner pages that a cover encloses
  • GATEFOLD  In 6pp format, right hand panel folds
    Rights to left and left panel folds left to right over top. Also indicates an exlia page folding out from another page
  • ROLLFOLD All panels fold in common direction, eg: all right to left
  • RUN-ON Exlia printed quantity above required amount
  • SELF COVER A book/brochure of which the cover is the same stock weight as inside pages
  • PP Indicates number of pages eg: 16pp – 16 pages (always in multiples of 4)
  • PAGE Is one side of a sheet eg: Both sides of a piece of paper is 2 pages or 2pp
  • D x W Sizes should be indicated as depth first, width second
  • STIPPLE/TONE Refers to the little dots (large and small) that consliuct a picture (colour or B&W)
  • LINE ART Refers to either type or an illusliation made only of line (or a combination of both)

  • A5 210 x 148 mm
  • A4 297 x 210 mm
  • A3 420 x 297 mm
  • A3 594 x 420 mm
  • A1 840 x 594 mm
  • A0 1189 x 840 mm

  • lii/Gate Fold Gate Fold
  • Concertina/Z Fold Consertina
  • 6pp Roll Fold Roll Fold