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Bottle Opener Keyrings

Red Fish Marketing offers Promotional Bottle Opener Keyrings, Promotional Products, Printed Bottle Opener Keyrings, Branded Bottle Opener Keyrings, Logo Bottle Opener Keyrings.

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  • Aluminium Economy Pop Top Keytag
    Aluminium Economy Pop Top Keytag

    Available in 4 colours

    From as low as $0.47

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  • Bottle Opener Keytag
    Bottle Opener Keytag

    Available in 2 colours

    From as low as $1.47

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  • Bottle Opener/Keyring
    Bottle Opener/Keyring

    From as low as $1.63

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  • House Warming Keyring
    House Warming Keyring

    From as low as $2.04

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  • Keytag Bottle Opener With Light
    Keytag Bottle Opener With Light

    Available in 4 colours

    From as low as $0.84

    More Info

Printed Promotional Products – Double Duty Keyring Bottle Openers save the Day

Imagine getting lost in the woods for days with only a bag of peanuts and one tasty bottled beverage.  You search through all of your hiking gear and cannot find your bottle opener.  You cannot afford to lose one drop of liquid by smashing the bottle against a rock.  How will you get the bottle open?  Low and behold, you reach in your pocket and remember the promotional bottle opener keyring you received from the camp store.  Your thirst is quenched and later you can tell your friends how you were saved by a useful promotional product. Camping and hiking kits should include a bottle opener, make sure your business name is imprinted on it. 

Susan’s friend set her up with a blind date.  She wanted everything to be perfect for their first meeting so she decided to visit her manicurist and have her nails done to impress her date. After what seemed like hours and several coats of polish later, her nails were beautiful.  After she paid for the services, she noticed a basket on the counter with colourful promotional keytags in it. The attached sign said “Free, take one”.  So she took one and tossed it in her purse.  Her date picked her up and informed her they were going to an outdoor picnic.  Cold beverages were served in cans and she was afraid to break a nail opening one.  She did not want to appear helpless to her date so she reached in her bag and pulled out the keytag she received from the manicurist.  This complimentary branded bottle opener keyring also had the hook to pull the ring from canned beverages.  That handy little promotional product saved Susan’s expensive manicure.

Those are just a couple of examples of how promotional can and bottle opener keyrings could save the day.  Investing in promotional products to build a business brand is a cost effective way to get your company name in the public eye.  The low prices allow you to give away hundreds or even thousands of these handy gadgets at your next trade show or event.  Take care of your prospective customers beverage needs and combine a custom printed bottle opener keyring with a stubby cooler and you have a great advertising set for a minimal investment. . 

Types of branded bottle opener keyrings:

  • Basic slim aluminium models

The most economical styles are constructed of lightweight aluminium.  The durable molded shape is designed to accommodate a 20mm split keyring.  Your company logo will not rub off with the strong epoxy printing method used by Red Fish Marketing.  The hook will easily open crown sealed bottles and when you flip the bottle opener over, you can slide the notched area to open ring pull pop tops.  International beverage and beer companies give these away by the millions to increase brand awareness.  Local micro breweries and liquor stores can also increase market share by including promotional printed bottle opener keychains in their advertising plan.

  • Custom shapes

Promotional printed keychains come in many shapes and sizes.  Your business brand will be recognized instantly with a keytag in a design that is somehow related to your company.

A printed promotional bottle opener keyring in the shape of a bare foot is a popular give away for podiatrists, shoe stores, pedicure spas, surf shops and summer resorts.  These happy feet come in three colours, red, blue and silver.  The chrome plated split ring will hold several keys securely and never rust. The everlasting etching showing off your company logo will remain on this promotional bottle opener keyring forever.  The bottle opener is also designed to open ring pop top cans.

Realtors, mortgage and insurance companies love the custom bottle opener keyring offered by Red Fish Marketing.  The unique house shaped keytag will remind the client of the great service they received from the gift giver.  The shiny silver colour metal home is presented in its very own gift box.  Realtors often have them available at closing and attach the house key to it.  In most cases the key will remain on that promotional keyring for years.  Your company logo is permanently embossed with precise laser engraving.  This chic token is a great housewarming gift for a new homeowner.

  • Multi functionality

The most popular promotional keytags are the ones that can perform multiple tasks. Red Fish Marketing offers a 3 in 1 convenient keychain and bottle opener that triples as a flash light. The long lasting bright white led light will guide you at night.  This item is a great emergency light for hiking and camping trips.  Attach it to your backpack or belt loop with a carabiner for easy removal when you need it.  Women returning home at night appreciate the illumination at their fingertips to guide them safely to the door.  Accessing the lock is easier in the dark when you use your handy 3 in 1 branded bottle opener keyring with built in flashlight.  The sleek oval design is silver with trim accents available in 4 colours, black, red, blue or white. The print area is 21x22 mm, much larger than most promotional keyrings.  Company logo bottle opener keyrings with additional features such as this flashlight model are excellent ways for any business to be recognized and remembered.

Collectors of keytags and keychains enjoy the widespread diversity of the unlimited possibilities to expand their displays.  Promotional keyrings from sports teams, breweries, and automobile related businesses are found in many themed collections. Catchy sayings and memorable logos are sure to be saved.  Some collectors have a special bond with each promotional keyring they display, such as companies they have done business with and have had a positive experience.  Become a part of someone’s collection with your promotional branded bottle opener keytag.

Bottle opener Keytags and keyrings are useful consumer items that all businesses can advertise on even if they are not directly related to the beverage industry. Useful items like custom keytags and promotional bottle openers are welcomed tokens of appreciation. Red Fish Marketing can get your business noticed and increase sales with custom printed promotional products.