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Bum Bags

Australia's widest range of branded Bumbags, printed Bumbags. Australia's most complete range of Bumbags, corporate Bumbags, printed Bum bags, and branded Bumbags, Bum Bags, Bum Bag, Waist Bag, Waist Bags, Bumbag, Bumbags, Pouch Bags, Belt Bags, and Bum Bags Australia.

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  • Big Event Bum Bag
    Big Event Bum Bag

    Available in 4 colours

    From as low as $3.79

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  • Concourse Waist Bag
    Concourse Waist Bag

    Available in 2 colours

    From as low as $4.90

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  • Sportlite Daypack
    Sportlite Daypack

    Available in 2 colours

    From as low as $10.21

    More Info

  • Waist Bag With Bottle
    Waist Bag With Bottle

    Available in 4 colours

    From as low as $7.71

    More Info

Promote your Business with Branded Bumbags - What’s in Your Bum Bag?

More importantly what is ON your belted waist bag?  Australian businesses have taken on a new dimension in advertising, promotional bum bags.  Screen printed custom company logos can be seen on waist belted bags on trains, buses, pedestrians and cyclists all across the country.  These useful pouch bags are used by all ages. You can expand customer awareness by promoting your business with quality, useful printed products.  Bum bags embossed with your business logo are a long lasting product that will be seen and appreciated by many prospective customers. Red Fish Marketing carries several styles of bum bags suitable for a variety of users.

Construction and features of promotional branded bumbags:

  • Stylish designs in various colours make it easy to coordinate your bumbag to any outfit. Dark coloured handsome patterns are popular with men.  Women seem to enjoy the larger sized colourful bum bags.
  • Adjustable straps are standard on waist bags.  The durable strap can be sized to fit just about any waist or hip size.  The plastic snap clip allows for easy fastening or removal and eliminates any problems weaving the strap through buckles or rings. Convert your promotional bum bag to a shoulder bag by adjusting the strap to its maximum length.
  • Weatherproof fabric is important in the construction of your company’s promotional branded bumbag. Ripstop nylon is a durable fabric used for most pouch bags. Nylon branded bum bags also repel water and dry quickly.  Australian bumbag users are primarily outdoor enthusiasts conducting their activities in all types of weather. 
  • Pockets and zippered storage compartments are designed for various uses such as currency, photo ids, cameras and cell phones.  Zippers should be made of plastic so they do not rust like their metal counterparts.

Who will use your branded bumbag?

  • Hikers

Wilderness hiking is a great way to get back to nature and enjoy its many beauties.  To enjoy a hiking trip in the utmost way, sometimes a hiker must sneak up on an unsuspecting creature to observe it in its natural habitat.  There will be no time to dig through a cumbersome backpack to find the binoculars.  Quietly spin the bum bag from the back to the front, slowly unzip the front pouch and grab those binoculars to catch the action.  Hiking enthusiasts will also appreciate your corporate bumbag as they pack it with first aid supplies such as bandages, antiseptic wipes and aspirins.  Red Fish Marketing’s roomy Waist Bag with water bottle is a great example of a hiking bum bag.  It has 2 roomy pockets for first aid gear and a camera or cell phone.  There is a larger pocket in the back to store valuables.  It is available in four colours (red is great for a first aid kit), royal blue, black and navy blue. 

  • Walkers and Joggers

The concourse waist bag from Red Fish Marketing is a superb choice for promoting your business to the jogging and walking crowd because of the reflective striped trim.  Evening and night time runners will be more visible with the reflective safety trim sewn into the seams of this indispensable bum bag.  A quality printed bumbag allows unobstructed arm and hand movements.  People walking for exercise need to be able to swing their arms freely and evenly to acheive a maximum work out.  Other helpful items to have available in your company branded bumbag are sun protection items, a small package of tissues, sunglasses for sunny days and a flashlight for evening strolls.

  • Bicyclists

Everyone knows it is difficult to ride a bicycle with a purse or satchel flapping around.  Strapping on a backpack is too big and bulky when taking a leisurely ride.  There are some necessary items to carry when touring the countryside on a bicycle.  No worries about rain when there is a plastic poncho stuffed in one of the convenient pockets.  A few repair items will come in handy in case of a flat tire, such as an Allen wrench, screwdrivers and spare tube.  Store them conveniently in a promotional bumbag in case of an emergency.

  • Fishermen

Bumbags are practical tool storage for fishermen. The convenience of having leaders, bobbers, hooks, clippers, and even a small scale and ruler available will allow more time to catch the big one.

  • Travellers

Commuters and vacationers know the benefits of strapping on a suitable bumbag.  There are many sizes and attractive styles to meet everyone’s individual needs.  When travelling in highly populated areas one should wear the waist bag to the front instead of the rear.  This will deter thievery and keep valuables secure.

  • Concerts and Sporting Events Attendees

For hands free clapping and cheering necessities should be stored in a promotional bumbag.  Sunglasses, cameras and binoculars are common items found in corporate branded bum bags.

  • Mothers

Huge diaper bags are toted around by mothers of infants.  When out and about with older children, a prepared mother still carries useful emergency items such as healthy snack bars, bandages and wet naps.  These practical life savers are easily stowed in a bum bag attached to her waist. If mom’s with children are an important part of your customer base, give them an attractive bumbag custom printed with your company info.

Recap:  Things you might find in a Promotional Corporate Bumbag

Sunglasses                               Sunscreen

Camera                                    Binoculars

Cell phone                               Music player

Medicine                                 Poncho

Money                                     Credit Cards

Pen                                          Paper

Identification                          Business Cards

Water                                      Snacks

Bandages                                Tissues

Small tools                              Map

Flashlight                                Hair ties

Cigarettes                                Lighters

Ticket stubs                             Lipstick

Keys                                        Golf tees and markers                        

You must consider your target customers when choosing the appropriate bumbag to advertise your company brand. How will they use your product?  Distribute your unique company bumbags at golf tournaments, marathons, school functions and trade shows.  Be sure to include your business card or brochure inside one of the zippered compartments for your prospect to discover later.  Choose the most practical colour and design for your clientele.  For an added bonus, consider filling the custom printed bumbag with other related promotional items from Red Fish Marketing.