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Calico Bags

Red Fish Marketing offering Australia promotional bags, printed cotton tote bags, promotional cotton bags, Promotional Calico Bags, Green Bag, reusable bags, cotton bags, drawstring bags, recycled bags, Cotton Bag, printed bags, totes bags, hessian bags, fabric bag, fabric bags, personalised bags, reusable bag, calico bag, cloth bags, reusable shopping bags, eco friendly bags, personalised bag, cloth bag, environmentally friendly bags.

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  • Calico Double Long Handle Conference Bag - 140 Gsm
    Calico Double Long Handle Conference Bag - 140 Gsm

    From as low as $1.61

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  • Calico Library Back Pack with Drawstring -200gsm
    Calico Library Back Pack with Drawstring -200gsm

    From as low as $2.26

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  • Coloured Cotton Double Long Handle Conference Bag
    Coloured Cotton Double Long Handle Conference Bag

    Available in 4 colours

    From as low as $1.66

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  • Short Double Handle Calico Tote Bag -140gsm
    Short Double Handle Calico Tote Bag -140gsm

    From as low as $1.17

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  • Short Handle Cotton Tote Bag - 140 Gsm
    Short Handle Cotton Tote Bag - 140 Gsm

    Available in 9 colours

    From as low as $1.67

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  • Supa Shopper Two Handle Calico Bag -130gsm
    Supa Shopper Two Handle Calico Bag -130gsm

    From as low as $1.86

    More Info

Get Carried Away With Printed Cotton Tote Bags & Promotional Calico Bags!

Some promotional products have a longer shelf-life than others. If you are looking to use gifts to help consolidate your branding and would like give-aways that will last for the long-term, then printed cotton tote bags or promotional calico bags may be the answer. These reusable bags can carry your name, logo and/or a message for years at a time and, best of all, they get your own customers to do your advertising for you!

Printed Bags Get You Noticed

People are generally naturally curious. If you, for example, see someone carrying a bag with a logo or writing on it, then your natural tendency may well be to take a closer look to see what it says. Your customers and prospects are likely to do exactly the same thing. If you give them reusable shopping bags then they will effectively be promoting your business whenever they use them and wherever they go.

So, for example, a simple shopping trip could see one of your promotional cotton bags carried around your town or city. The person carrying it is effectively taking your branding on a mobile advertising spree. Your company name could, for example, be seen in shops, on the street and in restaurants. Every time it gets noticed, your business gets noticed – all for the cost of a simple reusable bag.

Tap Into the Popularity of Environmentally Friendly Bags

Another bonus of giving away reusable bags is that they are eco friendly. More and more consumers nowadays are keen to cut down on harming the environment. One easy way to do this is to use reusable shopping bags made from natural materials such as cotton and calico rather than plastic or materials that are not as biodegradable.

This does add a value to promotional bags as they are perceived as being both useful and good for the environment. This may lead to many of your customers and/or prospects actively wanting to use them to do their part to be eco friendly. Again, this simply means more marketing and promotion for you that can happen on a regular basis at a reasonable one-off cost.

Promotional Calico Bags and Cotton Bags Don’t Have To Be Boring!

The Red Fish Marketing range of promotional bags is designed to help you find the best product for your needs. We offer a wide variety of styles and colours to help you find the best product to represent your business. So, for example, you could choose from:

  • Bags made from calico or from cotton.
  • Plain or coloured ( up to 8 colours) reusable bags.
  • Conference bags with long handles.
  • Library back packs with drawstrings.
  • Duffle bags.
  • Tote bags with short handles.
  • Super sized shopping bags.

Choosing the right design and style of bag can be important as making the right choice can help with your promotional aims. A supermarket or store, for example, may want to give away larger bags that are suited to holding a lot of shopping. If you are looking for something to store packs and information at a trade show, then long-handled conference bags are useful and easy to carry.

How Your Recycled Bags Look Is Also Important

Some promotional products don’t give you a lot of scope to get your message across. Space and print options may be limited by the gifts you choose to use. Luckily, this isn’t an issue with promotional bags. They come with fantastic message space potential, whether you simply want to have a logo printed or to print a larger message. Plus, remember that you have both sides of the bag to use here if you wish in most cases which could double your exposure immediately!

At Red Fish Marketing, we want your reusable bags to look as good as possible. Using high-quality bags and making sure that you get well finished products is one way we can do this. But, the quality of print reproduction should also matter to you. What you say on a bag will mean less than it should if the message doesn’t also look good and keep looking good for as long as the product is used. That’s where our state of the art screen printing comes in!

To find out more and to see the types of promotional cotton and calico bags we supply, take a look around our range at the top of this page.