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Car Mugs

Red Fish Marketing offering Promotional Stainless Steel Mugs, Travel Mugs, Thermo Mugs, Insulated Promotional Travel Mugs, Printed Travel Mugs, Promotional Products, Laser Engraved Mugs, Coffee Travel Mugs.

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  • Aladdin Recyled & Recyclable Travel Mug
    Aladdin Recyled & Recyclable Travel Mug

    Available in 2 colours

    From as low as $13.74

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  • Aladdin Senja Travel Mug 470 Ml
    Aladdin Senja Travel Mug 470 Ml

    From as low as $20.90

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  • Aspen Deluxe Car Mug
    Aspen Deluxe Car Mug

    From as low as $13.09

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  • Auto Tumbler
    Auto Tumbler

    From as low as $10.93

    More Info

  • Connecter Cup
    Connecter Cup

    From as low as $7.07

    More Info

  • Contour Tumbler
    Contour Tumbler

    Available in 3 colours

    From as low as $10.00

    More Info

  • Denver Stainless Steel Car Mug
    Denver Stainless Steel Car Mug

    From as low as $4.96

    More Info

  • Java Mini Mug
    Java Mini Mug

    From as low as $5.63

    More Info

  • Metro Tumbler
    Metro Tumbler

    Available in 3 colours

    From as low as $6.14

    More Info

  • Rally Stainless Steel Car Mug
    Rally Stainless Steel Car Mug

    From as low as $4.74

    More Info

  • Stanley Overtime Travel Mug 530 Ml
    Stanley Overtime Travel Mug 530 Ml

    From as low as $15.74

    More Info

  • Themal Mug 350ml
    Themal Mug 350ml

    Available in 3 colours

    From as low as $2.20

    More Info

  • Toucan Mug
    Toucan Mug

    Available in 6 colours

    From as low as $7.36

    More Info

  • Toura Car Mug
    Toura Car Mug

    From as low as $7.81

    More Info

  • Travel Mug 330ml
    Travel Mug 330ml

    Available in 4 colours

    From as low as $7.83

    More Info

Tap Into The Coffee Culture With Car And Travel Mugs

We live in a coffee culture nowadays. Over recent years, we have all got used to using specialist chain coffee shops or small local stores to buy cappuccinos, frappucinos, lattes, espressos, mochas and hot chocolates or even a simple cup of coffee or tea! This culture isn’t just about drinking in cafes and coffee shops, however. The takeaway, coffee-on-the-go culture is also doing really well, especially with the business community.

How can your business connect? It’s simple. Many of your customers will carry hot drinks with them to and from work. Those that spend a lot of time on the road or that take occasional long (or even short!) trips may like to take a hot drink with them in the car. If you brand up some travel mugs to use as promotional products, then you could get your customers thinking about your business while they are drinking!

Promotional Products That Get Used Get Noticed

Some marketing buyers look for impact when it comes to using promotional products. This can work really well in some cases where immediate recognition is an issue. But, it may also sometimes only give short-term results. Products that can be used over and over again, however, may give your business something different.

If, for example, you printed your name and/or logo on to stainless steel mugs, then your customers would see this every time they used them. This could get your name in front of key buyers every single day, or even multiple times a day, in many cases. Things that are useful, get used. Things that get used, get noticed.

Choosing The Best Travel Mugs and Car Thermo Mugs

You do have a fair few choices when it comes to picking out the right insulated promotional travel mugs to suit your marketing needs. You may want to spend a little time considering your options before choosing a product to make sure you end up making the right decision.

So, for example, you could consider adding your branding to travel mugs such as:

  • Stainless steel car, travel and thermal mugs.
  • Deluxe coloured car mugs.
  • Biodegradable thermal mugs.
  • Mini mugs.
  • Thermal mugs with or without handles.
  • Coffee tumblers.

At Red Fish Marketing, your business will be able to find a thermal mug product to suit your business and what you want to say.

Insulated Promotional Travel Mugs Can Suit Any Message

Some businesses will not automatically think about using travel mugs as promotional products. They’ll look for the sector tie-in and assume that the only companies that should use these products are coffee shops and retailers. This isn’t, however, true.

Here, you are tapping into the habits of your customer and prospect bases. What is important is that they drink hot drinks and would find thermal mugs useful. Giving someone something that they want to use, at no cost to themselves, can boost your branding and put your business in a more positive light.

Getting Your Branding on to Printed Travel Mugs

It doesn’t matter what style, design or size of mug you choose – you need to make sure that it looks good and that your name or message is at the forefront of the customer’s carrying and drinking experience. The quality of our travel mugs at Red Fish Marketing is a given – we know that you need promotional products that look good and that last well.

We also apply the same principles to our print options. So, for example, you can choose the effect that you want on your coffee travel mugs, safe in the knowledge that your message will look just as good down the line as it did when it came out of the box.

Print options open to you include:

  • Pad printing on an oval inset or on the front of thermal mugs.
  • Laser engraving on a variety of stainless steel mugs.

If your business is looking to use promotional products that are a little different, then take a look through the Red Fish Marketing range of insulated promotional travel mugs. You’re bound to find options to suit you and your customers that will keep them happy and help your branding and marketing initiatives.