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Custom Bucket Hats

Red Fish Marketing - Australia's most complete range of Bucket Hat, Sun Hat, Bucket Hats, Printed Bucket Hats, Promotional Bucket Hat and Embroidered Bucket Hats, Promotional Bucket Hats, Promotional Products, Printed & Branded Surf Hats Embroidered Promotion & Printed Bucket Hats, Promo Bucket Hat, Cotton Surf Hats, Sun Hats

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  • Heavy Brushed Cotton Soft Washed Bucket Hat/Contrast Sandwich Brim
    Heavy Brushed Cotton Soft Washed Bucket Hat/Contrast Sandwich Brim

    Available in 20 colours

    From as low as $5.36

    More Info

  • Microfibre Bucket Hat
    Microfibre Bucket Hat

    Available in 5 colours

    From as low as $5.09

    More Info

  • Poly Viscose Bucket hat
    Poly Viscose Bucket hat

    Available in 4 colours

    From as low as $3.26

    More Info

  • School Bucket Hat
    School Bucket Hat

    Available in 5 colours

    From as low as $6.23

    More Info

  • Vor-Tech Bucket
    Vor-Tech Bucket

    Available in 3 colours

    From as low as $10.00

    More Info

Keep Your Customers Cool With Custom Bucket Hats

Putting your company name or logo on to a printed bucket hat is a sure-fire way of getting your business noticed. This actually takes very little effort on your part in a way. Give out a hat and the individual will do your advertising for you every time they wear it. They’ll know who you are but, maybe more importantly, everyone that looks at the hat will notice your brand as well. One hat can go a long way and can help stretch a promotional marketing budget more than you may realise!

But, you do need to do some work before you choose promotional bucket hats. People won’t just wear any old hat, even if it is a give-away and it didn’t cost them anything. You need to make sure that the bucket hats your business uses as promotional products will encourage your customers and prospects to wear them over and over again. They won’t do you any good if they end up stuffed in a drawer and are forgotten about. So, how can you do this?

Quality Can Make a Promotional Bucket Hat or Sun Hat Successful

Producing branded promotional bucket hats that will actually be worn (which is the point you should be aiming for) is all about quality and design. If you give away a high quality hat, then people will be more likely to wear it. If your printed bucket hats look good and feel good on the head, then they’ll want to wear them even more.

Quality of materials is important here. At Red Fish Marketing our promo bucket hat range gives you plenty of options to choose from. You could, for example, look at adding your branding to bucket hats made from:

Heavy brushed cottons.
Soft washed brushed cottons.
Poly/viscose mixes.
Cotton and polyester mixes.
Materials with Teflon treatments.
This allows you to give out promotional bucket hats that feel comfortable, even in the hottest temperatures (or light showers). Comfort is much more important with bucket hats than you might first think. If a hat comes with ‘breathability’ and the ability to make the wearer feel cool in hot weather then it will be judged a hat worth wearing time and time again. A hat that doesn’t tick these boxes and that feels heavy and sticky after a few hours may not get worn more than once.

Attention to detail is also a measure of quality that your customers and prospects will notice. Some of the extra touches that we include as standard include sweatbands, gunmetal or embroidered eyelets, lined crowns and brim sizes that conform to Cancer Council recommendations. People are more likely to use high-quality promotional products – if they perceive that they have been given a ‘good’ gift then they are pre-disposed to like it and to wear it.

Design Matters With a Promotional Bucket Hat and Embroidered Bucket Hats

The way that bucket hats look can also have a bearing on their ‘wearability’. People like to look good – even if they are getting something for nothing. Again, at Red Fish Marketing, we have plenty of options for you when you are choosing a promo bucket hat. You can, for example, choose hats in up to 20 colours so you also won’t have any problems blending in your corporate colours. Some bucket hats in our range also give you the option of adding complementary colours on a sandwich trim which may also be useful.

Protection is Vital With Printed Bucket Hats

The whole point of a bucket hat is to give protection from the sun and you can take extra measures to give this protection with many of the Red Fish Marketing promo bucket hat options. For example, it may be useful to consider hats that come with:

High UPF ratings (i.e. 50+).
Wide brims to give built-in shade protection (as recommended by the Cancer Council).
This may help protect any of your contacts but it is really important if you are producing branded school sun hats. Parents want their children to have the best protection possible and, if you can give them this (as our school bucket hats do), then your promotional products will be much more successful.