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Custom Label Beer

Red Fish Marketing offers Promotional Beer, Promotional Products, Printed Beer, Branded Beer, Logo Beer, Corporate Beer, Beer Gift, Imprinted Beer, Custom Beer, Promo Beer, Personalized Beer, Customized Beer.

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  • Custom Label Apple Cider
    Custom Label Apple Cider

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  • Custom Label Beer
    Custom Label Beer

    From as low as $27.21

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Give Your Promotional Products the “Wow” Factor With Branded Beer

Sometimes, you want a little bit more from your promotional branding than usual. If you’re looking to establish your company name or message quickly and effectively in the heads of your customers and prospects then why not consider promotional beer? Printing your logo or message on to a beer bottle label may not seem like such a big deal but the branding recognition you’ll get could be priceless and could give you a fantastic return on promotional investment.

Why Can Promotional Beer be so Effective?

This kind of promotional campaign is all about connecting an everyday and relatively commonplace object with something that adds an unusual twist. People associate bottles of beer with specific breweries and companies. They get used to seeing the same labels over and over again. What they don’t expect to see on a label is something different or a new name. If what they see is your company logo, then you get an immediate jolt of recognition – a “Wow” factor if you like.

Making this kind of impact can make your promotional efforts work much harder for you. Successful branding is all about recognition and impact. Logo beer gives you an immediate impact by almost surprising your customers. This can help consolidate their recognition and perception of your company. You get all this in an easy to implement solution at a reasonable cost with Red Fish Marketing.

What Can You Use Logo Beer for?

Companies use promotional beer for a variety of reasons. Some simply find it works well to put their logo on to bottles to give away as gifts. This could make a great Christmas or summer thank you to loyal customers or an unusual gift to try and encourage interested prospects into using your business.

Branding beer bottles may also work well if something new is happening in your business that you want to promote. You could, for example, look at using logo beer to market a new product or service. Or, you could tie it in with other branding campaigns to maximise potential reach. This really is one of the more versatile ways of using promotional products.

What to Expect When You Use Promotional Beer for Branding?

Branding printed beer is one of the easier promotional buying processes. Beer bottle labels are perfectly sized for most company logos so you also won’t have to worry about complex marketing campaigns or setting up new artwork. You can also choose to use the front label of bottles and neck labels if you want extra impact.

Quality of print reproduction is important with printed beer. Red Fish Marketing use digital printing for labels to give you the best results and the best reproduction of your logo or message. Available in cartons of 24 bottles and 6 packs, you can also choose to add your branding to the carton itself or to custom brand the 6 pack for extra impact. As a final touch, you may also want to think about using one of our With Compliments cards to make this the perfect gift.

Quality Matters With Branded Beer

You can, of course, put your logo on to promotional beer and forget about what is actually in the bottle. Bear in mind that this could well ruin the positive impact of your branding almost as quickly as it built up a positive impression of your company. What is in the bottle is just as much, if not more, important than what you have printed on the labels.

Let’s say you use a basic beer. Your customer sees the label, registers your company name and gets the right message so far. But, if the beer doesn’t taste good then you could lose the good feeling they have about your company completely. Put a high quality beer in the bottle and you consolidate the positive message that your label branding brings.

At Red Fish Marketing we have carefully selected an award-winning European lager to make sure that you give the right impression, both before the bottle is opened and after it is emptied! This puts you in a far better position – if your customer is taken by the fact you’ve used branded beer and then actually appreciates that they have been given a high-quality brew, they’ll think even better of you.