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Golf Tees

Red Fish Marketing sells a great range of Printed Golf Tees, Imprinted Golf Tees, Promotional Golf Tees, Logo Golf Tees, Corporate Golf Tees, Branded Golf Tees, Custom Golf Tees, Promo Golf Tees, Custom Golf Tees, Personalized Golf Tees, Customized Golf Tees

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  • Corporate Tee Wallet
    Corporate Tee Wallet

    From as low as $4.64

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  • Extra Long Wooden Tees
    Extra Long Wooden Tees

    From as low as $0.16

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  • Frosted Tee Pack
    Frosted Tee Pack

    From as low as $4.57

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  • Laminated Wooden Tees
    Laminated Wooden Tees

    Available in 10 colours

    From as low as $0.13

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  • Players Pillow Pack
    Players Pillow Pack

    From as low as $6.36

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  • Standard Tee Pack
    Standard Tee Pack

    From as low as $1.00

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  • Standard Tee Wallet
    Standard Tee Wallet

    From as low as $1.79

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  • Wedge Tee Wallets
    Wedge Tee Wallets

    From as low as $5.36

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  • Wedge Tees
    Wedge Tees

    From as low as $0.93

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Help Your Customers Tee Off With Promotional Golf Tees

You don’t have to run a business that works in the golfing sector to take advantage of the benefits of using printed golf tees. It’s not so much about what you do as a company – it’s more about what your customers and prospects do. If they like to play golf, then giving them promotional golf tees could go down really well.

The beauty of giving out printed golf tees is that golfers need them. They don’t necessarily want to buy their own – there isn’t much fun to be had buying tees and getting freebies may make any of your contacts grateful that you saved them the bother!

Printed Golf Tees Make Cost Effective Promotional Products

Sometimes you don’t want to use a lot of your marketing budget on promotional products. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t give away items that will help brand your company effectively. Promotional gifts don’t need to be expensive. Sometimes, something simple and practical, like printed golf tees, will give you a low cost and a high return on investment.

Prices for Red Fish Marketing’s printed golf tees start from as little as $0.18. It’s hard to think of any other promotional product that can be as cost-effective as this yet that is also as impact-effective as branded tees. Any golfer will need to use tees every time they play so these make an extremely practical give-away – all you need to know is that the more often a tee is used, the more you’ll get noticed.

How to Choose Which Promotional Golf Tees to Use

At Red Fish Marketing, we like to give our customers a lot of choice. So, you’ll have plenty of options to suit all budgets and types of campaigns. To get an idea of the kinds of tees and related promotional products on offer, just take a look at the following list. You could give out:

  • Golf matchbooks, tee packs, tins of tees, tree tees and markers, corporate tee wallets, packs and pillow packs.
  • Laminated and extra long wooden tees.
  • Promo tees.
  • Wedge tees and wedge tee wallets.

With our range of printed golf tees you could give out a few simple tees or a larger pack if you prefer. This could be one of the most cost-effective types of promotional branding that your company ever uses. Bear in mind that giving out specially designed tee packs also adds some options to the mix including:

  • Pitch repairers.
  • Ball markers.
  • Pencils/half pencils.

Any extras that you can give out will add to the usefulness of the gift to the golfer. Putting them in a wallet, tin or pack also makes it more likely that your product will be kept and used regularly as it will contain everything that the golfer needs in one useful place (apart from the golf clubs and balls!).

How to Use Branding on Printed Golf Tees

On a basic level, you could simply have your company name printed down the side of your tees. This will be seen by your customer or prospect whenever they use a tee to set up a shot. Our high-quality pad printing will also make sure that your name lasts for as long as the tee itself does. This could potentially get your business’s name noticed over and over again.

If you prefer to give out tee packs as promotional products then you have some other branding options which may be worth considering. Putting your name on tees themselves can be effective. Adding other options to the mix could significantly boost your branding impact. You could, for example:

  • Brand the wallet, matchbook, tin, tree or pack that the printed golf tees are contained in.
  • Use promo tees that come with a larger area at the top of the tee for your company logo or message.
  • Choose wedge tees to gain more space for your message or company branding.
  • Customise the tee accessories such as ball markers.
  • Consider using tee trees that come with a chain attached to make it easy to hang them on a golf buggy.

So, if your customers and prospects like golf, then you may want to consider giving out some printed golf tees. Promotional products don’t get much easier or more effective than this!