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Red Fish Marketing offers a wide range of custom jackets all of which can be embroidered or printed with your company logo or message.

What do Promotional Jackets Say About Your Business?

You probably spend a lot of time, effort and money into training the people that work for your business. The way they deal with customers and prospects should be important to you – your employees are the front-line that represents what you do and who you are. First impressions matter and these are your front-line troops!

A lot of businesses miss a trick, however, when they think about how they look to customers. It is, of course, important that your employees relate well to your customer bases. But, have you ever thought about what you could do to take that good impression one step further? It may be worth looking at what promotional jackets could do for your business.

The Advantages of Using Embroidered and Printed Jackets at Work

On a subliminal level, getting your business’s name in front of a customer or prospect works best if it happens often. Promotional jackets can do a really good job for you here. The more often someone is shown your company name or logo, even if they don’t realise they are seeing it, the better. Over time, this can consolidate your brand in their heads with no additional effort on your part.

Giving your employees embroidered and printed promotional and sports jackets to wear at work can have a significant effect on your branding and promotion. Every time one of your members of staff deals with a customer face to face, they’ll show your name or logo. This can even have additional bonuses if they are seen wearing your jacket on the way to work, in their lunch hours or on the way home at night.

Custom Jackets Can Have Positive Employee Effects

You are also likely to see additional employee related benefits by using embroidered and printed promotional and sports jackets. Giving these out to all your staff can make them feel like part of a team. This may seem like a small thing but it shows that you care about your business and how it appears to the public. That is an important message to reinforce to all the people that you employ. Plus, many will appreciate not having to buy and wear their own jackets suitable for work. Sometimes, being uniform can have a positive effect on your workforce!

Which Types of Promotional Jackets Will Suit Your Company Best?

You don’t want to spend your precious marketing budget on any old promotional products. You will need to put a little thought into the type of promotional jackets that you buy. Again, the jacket itself can say a lot about what you do and how seriously you take your business so getting the look and feel right is vital.

Some businesses will take an informal or casual approach here. Others will need embroidered and printed promotional and sports jackets that give a more formal look. So, for example, a business that employs delivery personnel may be looking for something a little different than one that employs customer-facing staff in an office or retail environment.

On the one hand, for example, you may benefit from casual and hard-wearing promotional jackets that look good but that are also comfortable to wear and that have some ‘give’ suitable for manual jobs. In other cases, you may want a more formal, smarter and tailored approach. In either case, we can help.

Choosing the Right Embroidered and Printed Promotion and Sports Jackets at Work

Red Fish Marketing has created a range of various promotional jackets to suit any business need and preference. Available in a wide variety of colours and all sizes, our aim is to help you pick the best jackets to suit your business, whether you run a small family company or a multi-branch, multi-national organisation.

So, for example, you could choose from:

  • Casual jackets – these include around 20 different designs in a variety of high-quality materials. Ranges are available for both women and men or on a unisex basis.
  • Fleece jackets – these include around 13 different designs. Again, we offer a variety of colours, styles (male, female and unisex) and materials to choose from. We also offer a fleece scarf range.
  • Sports jackets – these include around 16 designs in a variety of materials, including rainproof jackets/raincoats for both men and women (and unisex).
  • Outdoor jackets – these include over 40 designs in various colours and styles. Again, we have unisex options and designs suitable for women and men.
  • Custom jackets – those that prefer something a little different can also look at our custom Indent jacket lines. These allow you to create a unique promotional jacket to really highlight your company.

Interested? Learn more by browsing through our ranges at the top of the page.