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Name Badges

Name badges for id, employee's and staff. A complete range of personalised badges available in plastic, metal and epoxy.

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Personalised Name Badges Say a Lot About Your Business

There are a lot of advantages to using name badges for your customer-facing employees and, indeed, for your staff as a whole. For a start, existing and potential new customers may like to know who they are dealing with. A member of staff wearing a personalised name badge becomes ‘real’ to the person with whom they are dealing. This can start to build an immediate relationship – before the member of staff has even said one single word!

Personalised name badges are also a useful way of building your brand image in recognition terms. If you put your corporate logo on to an ID badge then it will get noticed, every time the badge gets noticed. Every time an individual sees a logo, it gets imprinted in their mind. Over time, with enough exposure, they will associate your logo with their needs when they decide to buy the products or services that you sell.

Plus, keep in mind that staff name badges are not just seen in stores and when your staff deal with customers. Any member of staff that wears your ID badge will get it noticed. They could, for example, do some free branding for you when they go to work and return home in the evening. The same goes for their lunch hours or breaks if they leave the office. So, what should you be looking for in ID name badges?

Choosing the Right Personalised Name Badges

The first decisions you need to make with name badges are usage and materials. Are you, for example, looking for permanent badges for employees? Do you need temporary or re-usable badges that can have names slotted in to a base badge as necessary? Some businesses will use one option; others will use both.

So for example, you could reserve permanent badges for employees and use complementary designs of re-usable name badges for new staff as an interim measure and for visitors to the company. In materials terms you also need to decide whether to opt for metal or plastic personalised name badges. Then, you need to decide on how your badges will look.

What Can You do With Metal and Plastic Name Badges?

If you opt to use metal or plastic personalised name badges, then you have a variety of options to choose from to get the right look and feel. So, for example, you should now be considering your options with:

  • Printing/engraving – do you want logos and names printed on to the badge or engraved on to it? At Red Fish Marketing you can choose from high quality engraving or full colour digital printing.
  • Layout/designs – you also have various options when it comes to logo/name placement and design with our personalised metal badges. We also include custom designs if you want something a little unusual. Our plastic ID badges, for example can be custom cut to virtually any shape. This really can make your business stand out from the crowd.
  • Badge attachment – our name badges can be attached in various ways. You could, for example, opt for plastic or metal safe pins, magnetised fastenings or pin and clip systems.

Whether you choose to use metal or plastic ID badges for your business, with our help you can get the effect you want at an affordable cost.

Quality Matters With Personalised ID Badges

The name badges that your employees wear need to look good to project the right image about your brand. To be really cost-effective, they also need to be hard-wearing so that they last for as long as you need. Our commitment to quality adds extras to the mix that can help your business out here.

For example, you can have many of our plastic and metal badges protected from surface scratches by adding matt or gloss laminated materials or crystallised resins as a protective top cover. This can also be set up to give an attractive domed effect to show off the quality of the badge and its printing.

Take a look around our personalised name badges to get an idea of what you can do to promote your business to maximum effect (at minimum cost!).