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  • Single Vertical Poplar Wine Box
    Single Vertical Poplar Wine Box

    From as low as $8.57

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  • Single Vertical Poplar Wine Box with Perspex Inlay
    Single Vertical Poplar Wine Box with Perspex Inlay

    From as low as $10.71

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  • Single Wine Carry Pack
    Single Wine Carry Pack

    Available in 2 colours

    From as low as $2.29

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  • Wine Carry Bag
    Wine Carry Bag

    From as low as $1.07

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The Importance of Proper Packaging

Packaging is important for both wholesalers and retailers. The products you sell will have a definite effect on the type of packaging you will need to use. A company that sells nothing but soft goods will need to rely on different packaging than a company selling flammable products—or even electronics equipment. The packaging a company uses adds to the company’s “brand” and provides distinguishing characteristics. Namely, a customer does not want to do business with a company whose products arrive in damaged packages. It doesn’t matter whether a customer is ordering address labels or a drum of caustic chemicals—it should still arrive in a condition conducive to proper care during shipment.

If your company ships a great deal of toxic substances—or even just liquid products—you will more than likely use a substantial number of drums for your packaging. While you can certainly choose to ship products in smaller quantities such as in one-litre drums, you will save shipping costs for both your company and your customers by shipping in larger quantities. Instead of using bottles or smaller packaging, you can select a four-litre acetate drum for shipment of some of your bulk liquid products. Purchasing the containers themselves in bulk will also save you money compared to purchasing the drums individually.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are looking at packaging supplies is how much of each your company uses on a daily basis. The amount of packaging supplies you need will allow you to make the right decision about purchases. You don’t want to store more than you will use within a short period of time because it is not cost-effective. However, at the same time you want to take advantage of minimum quantity discounts. While most companies would easily use a supply of 100 of any kind of containers within a fairly short period of time, it may not use 500 of any one container whether it’s a drum, bottles, tins, or even cylinders.

How does a company make a choice regarding packaging supplies? It is essential to look over your current inventory and past shipping experience. It is also important to review your shipping experience globally since international shipping requires handling products in a different way than those you are shipping domestically. It doesn’t matter if you are sending soft goods or chemicals; international shipping has different rules and regulations. You also must learn the shipping requirements of the country where you are shipping since these may differ from the regulations you must follow for domestic shipping.

For companies that import wines, you can choose from several different shipment methods. Red Fish Marketing offers a 3-carrier wooden wine box, a double-hinged lid wine box and a wooden cylinder for shipping one bottle at a time or for extra protection. All of these packaging supplies are important for both the shipping and receiving company. While it may not be important to the shipper who sends products F.O.B. Destination, it is certainly important to the company that will be in receipt of those goods. The company who ships its products F.O.B. Shipping Point will be more concerned about products leaving their shipping destination, but no matter which method a company uses it is essential for the products to arrive in undamaged condition in order to maintain a good rapport between shipper and receiver.

For those products that require sealing with ribbon, there are also many different styles and colours available. You can choose printed or unprinted based on your preference. The important thing here is making sure you choose the type of ribbon that meets your packaging needs, whether it is ordinary ribbon or sticky. What you need will depend on what you are shipping and the necessary packaging requirements of your location and the receiving location. This may differ even with domestic shipping and among your customers, so you want to make certain when you get new customers you educate yourself in their packaging requirements. It is not always up to the shipper to decide how they will ship products—if you are unwilling to bend for customer requirements, you will quickly lose customers to competitors.

In addition to packaging materials you can also purchase Epoxy labels for many different purposes including cars, doors and for use on your shipping packages. These labels are available from Redfish Marketing in minimum quantities of 250, so you want to ascertain how often you will use them before you place your order. That is not to say you should not order adhesive labels unless you use them frequently, but you should base the size of your order on the frequency of use. If your company uses these labels frequently you should order more than the minimum quantity in order to save not only shipping costs, but also to make certain you always have enough on hand to handle your short-term needs.

Packaging requirements will differ from customer to customer, so it is essential to always know what your customers need. It is also essential to be flexible in your own shipping procedures so you can accommodate those of your customers. For instance, if you ordinarily ship everything F.O.B. Destination but your customer requirements are F.O.B. Shipping Point, you may lose a customer if you are unwilling to accommodate those needs.

Customers may also have specific requirements for packaging during shipping such as specific ribbon, drums or packaging of products in canisters and tins. If your company is unable to meet the specific needs of customers, you must make that very clear from the beginning. Your customer’s needs should always come ahead of everything else, and that means making certain you always have the proper shipping and packaging supplies in stock to handle even rush orders. Never allow shipping supplies to deplete so that you are unable to ship customers who may require rush orders. Packaging supplies are an essential part of your business and should always be available to meet current and short-term future needs.