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Picnic Sets

Red Fish Marketing offers Promotional Picnic Sets, Promotion Picnic Set, BBQ Sets & Outdoor Gear, Promotional Products, Printed Travel Gear, Backpacks & Cooler Bags, Insulated Coffee & Picnic Set, Printed Gift Picnic Sets Australia.

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  • Acacia Cheeseboard Set
    Acacia Cheeseboard Set

    From as low as $21.83

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  • Adventure 4 Setting Picnic Cooler Bag
    Adventure 4 Setting Picnic Cooler Bag

    From as low as $40.51

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  • Alfresco Picnic Set
    Alfresco Picnic Set

    From as low as $29.23

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  • Cheese Board
    Cheese Board

    From as low as $25.97

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  • Daytrekker Cheese set
    Daytrekker Cheese set

    Available in 1 colours

    From as low as $10.36

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  • Kimberley 4 Setting Picnic Backpack Set
    Kimberley 4 Setting Picnic Backpack Set

    From as low as $46.37

    More Info

  • Kimberley Cooler Bag / Wine & Cheese Set
    Kimberley Cooler Bag / Wine & Cheese Set

    From as low as $17.90

    More Info

  • Lakeside BBQ Picnic Bag
    Lakeside BBQ Picnic Bag

    From as low as $32.80

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  • Polar Fleece Blanket in PVC Bag
    Polar Fleece Blanket in PVC Bag

    Available in 3 colours

    From as low as $14.86

    More Info

  • Sorrento 4 Setting Picnic Backpack
    Sorrento 4 Setting Picnic Backpack

    Available in 1 colours

    From as low as $21.83

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Give Your Contacts Everything They Need With Promotional Picnic Sets

Sometimes the most effective promotional products are ones that have a practical purpose like promotional picnic sets. If you give your customers something that they can use, then they are more likely to value it and keep it for themselves. A surprising number of corporate gifts are passed on to other people – although this does help spread your company name, it might not hit the target market you are aiming for.

If you can team up this practicality with something that will last for a long time, then you could help build your company’s brand for the long-term which is also worth considering. Promotional picnic sets could tick these boxes for you. Your customers will be able to use them, over and over again.

Another benefit of giving out a promotion picnic set is the fact that many of your contacts may like the idea of having one but may not have got round to making a purchase. If you give them a set, then they’ll also associate you with money-saving – after all, you saved them some cash by giving them printed gift picnic sets first!

How to Choose Promotional Picnic Sets

Your overall promotional budget may play a part in which promotional picnic set you choose to brand but other considerations may come into play. You may, for example, want to give out a gift that can be used by a family so may opt for a four person picnic backpack. Or, you may want to tie your giveaway into a specific theme and may use specialist BBQ sets or wine and cheese printed travel gear.

At Red Fish Marketing we offer a wide range of picnic backpacks and cooler bags to suit all needs. You can, for example, choose from:

  • Picnic backpacks and rucksacks.
  • Cooler bags, coolers, cooler baskets, wine coolers and backpacks.
  • BBQ picnic bags.
  • Picnic cutlery sets.
  • Two or four person sets.
  • Specialist promotional picnic sets (i.e. coffee, wine or cheese).
  • Related useful accessories such as picnic blankets.

You may also want to put some thought into how the promotion picnic set you’ll be giving away can be carried. Some people, for example, like to use a backpack; others are happy with a traditional bag with handles design. All of our sets are made from sturdy and hard-wearing materials and are designed to look good as well as last for a long time. The contents of promotional picnic sets may also have a bearing on the set you choose, so this is also worth thinking about before you make a purchase.

What do You Get in a Promotion Picnic Set?

The contents of BBQ sets and outdoor gear can vary. A two setting picnic set, for example, will contain enough for two people; a four setting one may suit up to four people. Unlike many other promotional picnic sets we go a little further on the contents we include. For example, our picnic sets can be set up to include the following useful items:

  • Cutlery, glasses and plates.
  • Waiter’s friends.
  • Salt and pepper shakers.
  • Napkins.
  • Cheese knives.
  • Chopping boards.
  • Vacuum flasks.
  • Coffee mugs.
  • Canisters for sugar and milk.
  • BBQ accessories.
  • Wine.

We really do have promotional picnic sets to suit all needs, whether you are looking for a regular cooler bag option or a specialist set such as a wine and cheese backpack.

What Kinds of Companies Use Promotional Picnic Sets?

We sell our BBQ sets and outdoor gear to companies in many different sectors. This promotional product may particularly suit those that have some form of outdoor or food and drink connection but, to be honest, it doesn’t really matter what your business does. A promotion picnic set will always be well received.

If your business can tie into a promotion picnic set then this could, however, help your branding recognition quite a lot. A company that sells BBQs, for example, has a natural tie-in with our BBQ sets. If you are involved in the wine trade, then a wine cooler or a wine picnic set may also be worth considering.