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Promotional Lip Balm

Red Fish Marketing offers Promotional Lip Balms, Promotional Products, Printed Lip Balms, Branded Lip Balms, Logo Lip Balms.

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Using Promotional Lip Balms to Promote Your Business

Sometimes your business needs something a little different to get noticed. This doesn’t have to be about spending lots of your marketing budget on expensive or large promotional gifts. Sometimes, keeping things simple and using something different can work just as well, if not better.

Promotional lip balms, for example, could be an incredibly effective way of giving your customers something useful that gets your name and branding noticed. A promotional gift that can be used to do something practical is likely to be of more value to a customer.

Who Might Use Branded Lip Balms?

Any business can use promotional lip balms to give out to their customers but this kind of promotional gift, like any other, may work best if you can make a connection with what you do. Giving out products that have a connection to your business often simply helps to consolidate your message for you.

So, for example, our range of flavoured and fruit based lip balms may work really well if your business works in certain areas. If you work in the confectionery sector, for example, then a bubble gum or vanilla lip balm may go down well. A food wholesale business may find some benefit in using our fruit flavoured ranges (blueberry, grape, strawberry and orange).

Promotional lip balms often work well generally with companies in the beauty, health and cosmetics industries. The Red Fish Marketing range of printed lip balms, however, can also be tied into your corporate branding as an alternative. For example, if your company logo is black, then you can use a black lip balm case.

Logo Lip Balms Aren’t Just for Girls!

Red Fish Marketing also offers a range of promotional lip balms with SPF30+ built-in. This broadens your options and may make this a product that your male customers will welcome as well as your female ones.

Protecting the lips against the effects of the sun is vital and this is a useful gift to give. Businesses operating in any sector, but particularly in sports, health, leisure, pharmaceutical, events, open-air and outdoor areas, may find that protective lip balms will add something extra to their promotional gifts.

Colour Matters With Promotional Products

If you can tie your promotional gifts into your branding and corporate colours in some way then you could maximise the effects that they have. As we’ve already mentioned, choosing a lip balm in a similar colour to your logo or corporate colours may be worth doing.

Our flavoured lip balms come in a range of colours, including:

  • Frosted White
  • Charcoal
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Orange

Or, if you are considering our SPF printed lip balms you can use the white base with a relevant colour of print to do the same job.