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Promotional Power Banks & Chargers

Power banks and chargers are one of the hottest promotional products at the moment. 1 in 3 people say the biggest issue with smart devices is battery life. Power banks solve this problem making them incredibly useful. A promotional item that is used a lot maximises brand exposure.

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  • Bat Solar Battery
    Bat Solar Battery

    From as low as $18.57

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  • Ginkgo Solar Tree
    Ginkgo Solar Tree

    From as low as $89.29

    More Info

  • Nab Solar Battery
    Nab Solar Battery

    From as low as $20.71

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  • Port Solar Charger
    Port Solar Charger

    Available in 5 colours

    From as low as $30.00

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  • Sol Travel Charger
    Sol Travel Charger

    From as low as $35.26

    More Info

  • Solar Sunflower Charger
    Solar Sunflower Charger

    From as low as $38.57

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  • Sonus Speaker Charger
    Sonus Speaker Charger

    From as low as $42.43

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  • Sunshine Solar Charger
    Sunshine Solar Charger

    From as low as $57.14

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  • Suntree Solar Charger
    Suntree Solar Charger

    From as low as $67.14

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  • Swiss Peak Water Resistant Solar Charger
    Swiss Peak Water Resistant Solar Charger

    From as low as $53.57

    More Info

  • Tab Solar Charger Stand
    Tab Solar Charger Stand

    From as low as $35.00

    More Info

  • Window Solar Charger
    Window Solar Charger

    From as low as $37.14

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Promotional Powerbanks & Chargers are a great way to market your brand. Powerbanks & chargers are perfect products for those on the go. Charge your mobile, tablet or other electronic devices with a compact yet powerful charging system. Your recipient will no longer have to worrying about where and when they can get their next charging opportunity with our wide variety of custom powerbanks and chargers. Imprinted with yourcompany name or logo, powerbanks and chargers make for a great travel accessory, reminding people of your brand wherever they go. Useful products that are used frequently are a great way build brand awareness and loyalty.

What is a power bank?

Power banks are portable batteries that can be charged and store energy and use it later to charge a mobile device.

Choosing a Power Bank

When purchasing a power bank there are three things to consider;
1. Capacity - amount of charge the power bank holdes.
2. Size
3. Price - what is your budget.
We've designed an infographic to assist you in your choice.

Technical Term Glossary

What does mAh mean?
MAh stands for 'miliamp-hour. It is a measure of a battery's energy storage capacity. The higher the MAh the more electical energy it can store.

Li-Ion & Li-Polymer
Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer batteries are the most common rechargeable cell types found in Power Banks. Lithium-Ion cells are generally cheaper and limited in mAh capacity, while Lithium-Polymer cells can be larger and don't suffer from a memory effect over time.


When power is transferred, there is always loss due to resistance. Power Banks are not able to transfer 100% of their actual capacity to a device, so we factor in this loss when calculating how many times an average device can be charged from a fully powered Power Bank of any given size. Efficiency ratings differ between Power Banks based on their cell type, component quality and environment. Ratings between 80% and 90% are the current industry standard.

Device Depletion
This is the state of the battery in the device you wish to charge. The lower its power, the more a Power Bank has to work to bring it back to life. We consider charging from 20% to 90% a full charge, as the efficiency loss increases beyond these points, leading to wasted charging potential. Going from 5% to 100% can take exponentially more power.