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Seed Packs, Pots & Packets

Red Fish Marketing offering Promotional Plants & Garden Promotional Products including Promotional Seedsticks, Promotional Seedpots, Printed Seeds, Branded Seeds, Logo Seedsticks.

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  • Biopot

    From as low as $1.94

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  • Custom Printed Seed Packets
    Custom Printed Seed Packets

    From as low as $1.29

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  • Ecopot

    From as low as $1.63

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  • Grow Pack
    Grow Pack

    From as low as $2.21

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  • Seedpot

    From as low as $1.83

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  • Seedstick 10 stick business card
    Seedstick 10 stick business card

    From as low as $0.63

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  • Seedstick 3 stick postcard
    Seedstick 3 stick postcard

    From as low as $0.94

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  • Seedsticks 10 Stick House Pack
    Seedsticks 10 Stick House Pack

    From as low as $0.96

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  • Seedsticks 10 Stick Pack
    Seedsticks 10 Stick Pack

    From as low as $0.63

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  • Seedsticks 10's Greeting Card
    Seedsticks 10's Greeting Card

    From as low as $1.20

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  • Seedsticks 5 Stick House Pack
    Seedsticks 5 Stick House Pack

    From as low as $0.83

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  • Seedsticks 5 Stick Pack
    Seedsticks 5 Stick Pack

    From as low as $0.44

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  • Seedsticks 5's Bookmark
    Seedsticks 5's Bookmark

    From as low as $0.84

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Use Promotional Seed Pots and Printed Seeds to Grow Your Reputation!

Giving out promotional seedsticks, seedpots and promotional seeds gives your company the chance to try something a little different. Using unusual promotional products really can make you stand out from all your competitors. Plus, garden promotional products can also come with a green, environmentally friendly message that could boost your reputation as a company people want to be associated with – all at a low cost!

Why are Garden Promotional Products Popular?

These promotional products are relatively new to the industry but have more than matched the popularity of traditional corporate gifts with many companies in a short space of time. The fact that a customer has to ‘engage’ with this kind of gift to make it grow, means that they will focus on it for longer than they may with other products. That won’t do your branding any harm at all – in fact, it could do you a lot of good.

Plus, the fact that promotional seedpots, printed seeds and promotional seedsticks are good for the environment could tick a lot of green buttons for your business. The likelihood is that a lot more of your customers will be concerned about environmental issues right now. Showing that you are paying attention to these issues could also help your brand and reputation.

What Kinds of Promotional Seedsticks and Seedpots are Available?

Red Fish Marketing stocks a wide variety of garden promotional products, all of which can be tied into any types of branding campaigns and initiatives. You could, for example, add your company logo, name or message to:

  • Biopots, minipots and seedpots.
  • Custom printed seed envelopes and packets.
  • Custom shaped and regular seedsticks.
  • Seedstick greetings cards and bookmarks.
  • Sleeved pots.

You can add to the green message with careful use of several of our garden promotional products. For example, our biopots are biodegradable and our logo seedsticks come with covers that are made from recycled materials. This can all add up to make your company look even better.

How to Get the Best Out of Promotional Garden Products

You don’t have to work in the gardening sector to use promotional seedsticks, printed seeds or promotional seedpots. These products can stand alone and work for any kind of company with a little creative thought. Examples that might work for your business include:

  • Custom shaped seedstick packs – here you could have your packs custom designed in a shape to suit your business or marketing initiative. So, for example, if you run an estate agency, you could produce house shaped packets of seedsticks that you could give to customers to help them get a garden started.
  • Seedsticks greetings cards – if your business holds birth dates for your customers then you could use seedstick greeting cards. Sending out a card with a branded birthday message on it and with a pack of seedsticks inside really could have a positive effect. You’ll remember a customer’s birthday and give them something practical as a gift.
  • Seedstick bookmarks – book stores often use bookmarks as promotional gifts but you could make yourself look a little different by using a seedstick bookmark. The connection with your business is still there, together with something a little out of the ordinary.

You can, of course, use printed seeds and seedsticks in the traditional way and simply brand the packaging with your name, logo and/or branding message. Again, the novelty of this kind of promotional product may do all the work for you.

Red Fish Marketing Can Help Your Branded Seeds Stand Out

Giving out unusual promotional gifts can be a good thing but you should also pay close attention to the quality of the branding message they give. You’ll have no worries with Red Fish Marketing’s print service. Our aim is to make you look good, whether you use branded seeds, logo seedsticks or promotional seedpots.

For example, our garden promotional boxes come with full colour print on boxes and you can choose full-offset colour printing on greetings cards, bookmarks and seedsticks. Our envelopes come with four colour (front) and one colour (back) and seedsticks with full colour digital printing. You can even have printing added to promotional seedpots if you wish.