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Sports Bags

Australia's widest range of Promotional Sports Bags, Screenprinted & Embroidered Bag, Promotion Branded Bags, Promotional Products, Team Bags, School Bags, Printed Sports Bag.

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  • 100% PET Sports Bag
    100% PET Sports Bag

    Available in 1 colours

    From as low as $17.11

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  • Aston Duffle Bag
    Aston Duffle Bag

    From as low as $27.79

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  • Back Sack
    Back Sack

    Available in 12 colours

    From as low as $2.57

    More Info

  • Barrel Bag
    Barrel Bag

    Available in 4 colours

    From as low as $11.07

    More Info

  • Byron Wheeled Duffle
    Byron Wheeled Duffle

    Available in 2 colours

    From as low as $45.10

    More Info

  • Canvas Duffle Bag
    Canvas Duffle Bag

    Available in 5 colours

    From as low as $19.93

    More Info

  • Climber Sportsbag
    Climber Sportsbag

    Available in 6 colours

    From as low as $23.10

    More Info

  • Concourse Shoe Carrier
    Concourse Shoe Carrier

    Available in 2 colours

    From as low as $5.29

    More Info

  • Concourse Wheeled Duffle
    Concourse Wheeled Duffle

    From as low as $42.67

    More Info

  • Cruiser Duffle
    Cruiser Duffle

    Available in 3 colours

    From as low as $18.36

    More Info

  • Elevation Medium Duffle Bag
    Elevation Medium Duffle Bag

    Available in 3 colours

    From as low as $24.21

    More Info

  • Explorer Large Duffle
    Explorer Large Duffle

    From as low as $23.93

    More Info

  • GFC Range Duffle
    GFC Range Duffle

    Available in 3 colours

    From as low as $7.86

    More Info

  • Hadley Duffle Bag
    Hadley Duffle Bag

    From as low as $14.99

    More Info

  • Jump Sports Bag
    Jump Sports Bag

    From as low as $20.64

    More Info

  • Leisure Overnight canvas Duffle Bag
    Leisure Overnight canvas Duffle Bag

    From as low as $32.50

    More Info

What Can Promotional Sports Bags do for Your Business?

You don’t have to work in a sports related sector to take advantage of the benefits of using promotion branded bags as part of your marketing give-aways. Sports bags are used by a surprising number of people, of both sexes and all ages. Get the right bag to the right people at the right time and they’ll do a pretty good job of carrying your name around with them in public. One bag will reach more prospects than you may think!

A Printed Sports Bag Can Suit Just About Anybody

People use sports bags for all kinds of reasons – many simply because they are easy to carry and can hold the stuff they like. So, for example, your customers may use bags to:

  • Carry sports or training gear.
  • To carry stuff to and from work or school.
  • As a picnic carrier or to hold stuff on park visits.
  • To carry their shopping.
  • On day trips, short breaks and longer holidays.

Some bags may be used everyday; others may only be used occasionally. In either case, choosing the right bag can make a difference. It is important to choose a printed sports bag that has a use and that will, therefore, be useful.

The Red Fish Marketing Range of Promotional Sports Bags

We offer a full range of options – for both everyday and occasional use – so you won’t have a problem choosing a printed sports bag to suit your business needs. For example, you could choose one of the following popular designs.

  • Back sacks.
  • Traditional, wheeled and convertible duffles.
  • Traditional sportsbags.
  • Shoe carriers.
  • Satchels.
  • Gym bags.
  • Waist bags with bottle holders.

There is bound to be an option to suit every budget and every promotional product need here. If money is an issue then a simple back sack can work wonders. These are very popular for everyday use at the moment. If you have a higher promo budget, then you could look at giving a larger travel bag that may give your customers years of occasional use.

Getting Your Branding Message Across With Promotional Sports Bags

It is important to make sure that the message you put on a printed sports bag looks as good as the bag itself. Bear in mind that colour can also be used to great effect here. Our bags come in up to 12 colours which can make for an easy tie-in with your corporate colours if this is important to you. If you prefer a traditional plainer coloured bag, then your logo reproduction needs careful thought. How your name looks on a bag could make the difference between it being used and it being ignored.

Our aim, at Red Fish Marketing, is to give you the best and most effective logo placement. You don’t want anything too big necessarily but you need your name to stand out to make promotional sports bags work for you to optimum effect. You also need your printing to look good and to last well. Our options here include:

  • Digital transfers.
  • Plasticol transfers.
  • Screen printing.
  • Embroidery.

We’ve also identified the best areas on promotional sports bags to hold logos and marketing messages. You don’t have to use all the available areas but you have a range of options to choose from. For example, with some of our ranges you can look to add messages to the front, back, lid and pockets of bags. Get this right, with our help, and your name will get noticed no matter how the bag is carried or used.

Quality Counts With Screenprinted and Embroidered Bag Promotional Products

The quality of the promotional sports bags you give away matters. If you, for example, opt for simple back packs, then you need to look for products that come with added extras that extend their life (and usefulness to your customers). Red Fish Marketing’s back packs, for example, come with reinforced eyelet holes as standard.

Larger bags should also give added extras that add to their overall quality and ease of use. Look out for reinforced and/or padded handles, useful pockets and storage areas, adjustable handles and corner protectors. These all make bags easier and more comfortable to carry/use and will add to their overall life.