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Red Fish Marketing sells a wide range of Promotional Sunscreen, Promo Sunscreen, Corporate Sunscreen, Imprinted Sunscreen, Logo Sunscreen, Branded Sunscreen, Custom Sunscreen, Personalised Sunscreen, Customized Sunscreen, Promotional Suncream, Promo Suncream, Corporate Suncream, Imprinted Suncream, Logo Suncream, Branded Suncream, Custom Sunscreen, Personalised Suncream, Customized Suncream

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  • After Sun Gel with Aloe Vera.
    After Sun Gel with Aloe Vera.

    From as low as $7.43

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  • Botany Essentials Sunscreen Lotion SPF30+. 50ML
    Botany Essentials Sunscreen Lotion SPF30+. 50ML

    From as low as $6.57

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  • Handsfree Lip Balm Stick SPF30+
    Handsfree Lip Balm Stick SPF30+

    From as low as $2.79

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  • Handsfree' Insect Repellant
    Handsfree' Insect Repellant

    From as low as $6.43

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  • Handsfree' Sunscreen Lotion SPF30+
    Handsfree' Sunscreen Lotion SPF30+

    From as low as $6.79

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Give Your Customers Some Added Protection With Promotional Sunscreen

The skin cancer statistics for Australia make sobering reading. We have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world and, as most of us know, using sunscreen and taking protective steps to look after our skin really is the way to go. Why not make things a little easier for your customers by giving out branded sunscreen as a promotional gift? This is a great way to get your name/message across and you’ll be giving them something useful, perhaps even life-saving, at the same time.

How to Choose Promotional Sunscreens to Use as Marketing Gifts

According to the Australian government we should be looking to protect ourselves by using sunscreen that has an SPF30+ strength. All of Red Fish Marketing’s promotional sunscreen products adhere to this advice, making it easy for you to make sure that your promotional gifts are actually going to have a positive effect.

Those looking to mess about at the beach or in the pool also need to think about the fact that they will get wet! This could affect the protection given by some general sunscreens, some of which are easily washed off. Many of our branded sunscreen products come with the necessary water resistance to deal with this issue as well so this may be worth considering.

Which Branded Sunscreens Should Your Business Consider as Promotional Gifts?

We’ve also put together a range of options when it comes to branded sunscreen. You may simply want to give away some bottles of logo sunscreens but you may be looking for other protective alternatives. At Red Fish Marketing, we have that covered too.

So, for example, you could put your company name, logo and/or marketing message on to:

•    10ml handsfree sachets of sunscreen
•    Sunscreen lotions
•    Handsfree lip balm sticks
•    Zinc cream tubs
•    Insect repellants
•    Sunscreens with useful attaching carabiners

Using different types of promotional sunscreen can also be a neat way to connect your customers to your business. A company operating in a summer sports sector could, for example, give out some tubs of zinc cream or a lip balm. A travel business may find it a good tie-in to give away branded insect repellants to holidaymakers that may need some extra protection from bites.

Promotional Sunscreen and Your Customers’ Kids

Parents tend to take extra care to make sure that their kids are protected from the harmful effects of the sun and you could make it easier for them to do so when they are on the move by looking at branded sunscreen sachets. Although disposable, these can maximise a marketing and promotional message with regular use.

Many parents will carry these sachets around with them at all times – they are lighter, less messy and more portable than a bottle of sunscreen and they are useful for those days that turn sunny quickly or unexpectedly and for those times when a quick protective touch-up is needed. They also give water resistant protection for up to 4 hours which can make them very handy on the beach or at the pool. Many parents also simply find them useful if their child hates having sunscreen applied as they simply involve an easy wipe down to give protection!

Getting Your Name On Promotional Sunscreen

You need to pay close attention to the quality of print and logo reproduction with any promotional products. At Red Fish Marketing, we offer robust and high quality pad printing in 1-2 colours for all of our branded sunscreen products. The bottles given away here may not always be treated with kid gloves by the people who go on to use them so it is important that your name, logo or message look as good as possible for as long as possible. We can help you do that.

Our product range also gives you different options in terms of message placement on logo sunscreen. You could, for example, look at direct print on to the surface of a bottle or tub. Or, as an alternative, you could use a customised label on our lip balm products if you prefer.

Take a look around our promotional sunscreens to learn more about how your business can promote itself and protect your customers into the bargain.