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USB Flash Drives

Red Fish Marketing offers Australia's widest range of branded usb drives, flash memory sticks, thumb drives, branded usb memory devices, flash and usb memory.

Giving Away Branded USB Drives as Promotional Gifts

Technology plays an important part in your own everyday business and home lives and it’ll be important to your customers too. There are more and more technology related promotional products on the market that you could use as giveaways and gifts – branded USB drives, flash memory sticks and thumb drives may all do a good job for you.

Who Can Use Branded USB Memory Devices as Promotional Gifts?

These promotional gifts may seem like a natural giveaway for businesses operating in IT and technology sectors but, the fact is, any business can benefit from using branded USB drives no matter what sector they operate in. This isn’t so much about what YOU do, it’s about the value a branded USB drive could give to one of your customers or prospects.

Your contacts will all find devices like thumb drives useful at some point, either at work or at home (or even both!). It doesn’t matter what business sector they work in, these devices are commonly used and are, most importantly, useful. So, your business specialism doesn’t much matter either – it’s what you are giving that matters.

How to Choose Branded USB Memory Devices

Red Fish Marketing offers a wide range of branded USB drives for you to choose from. Your first thought may be to capacity – some drives are bigger than others. Our range includes a wide variety of storage capacities including:

  • 2GB
  • 4GB
  • 8GB

As you can see, our branded USB memory devices could be set up to meet anything from light downloading and storage needs through to more robust solutions. Plus, all of our products come in a range of designs and styles that you can tailor for maximum branding impact.

Putting Fun Into Flash Memory Sticks

If you are looking for traditional branded USB drives then Red Fish Marketing has plenty of options to choose from, including:

  • Flash memory sticks with pull off tops/lids.
  • Thumb drives with flip top or swivel openings.
  • Drives that come with their own cases.
  • Key-ring based drives.

But, if you are looking for something a little different with a little more visual impact then you can inject some character into the branded USB drives you use as giveaways. For example, you can also consider:

  • Credit card shaped flash drives.
  • Fun shaped drives that look like cars, hearts, beer bottles, guitars, shoes or even bags of golf clubs.
  • Drives that flash custom messages as they are used.
  • Drives that are people-shaped!
  • Silicon wrist band USB drives.

Red Fish Marketing’s Flash and USB Memory devices give you a broad choice of promotional gifts that will get used. Put your branding, logo or company message on to a drive and your customer will see it whenever they use the device. Plus, this is a relatively new and innovative type of promotional gift so you’ll potentially make even more impact if you plug into branded USB drives!