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You've chosen a great promotional product, now how do you make sure your logo looks good on it and it reproduced correctly?

We have put together the following information to assist you in sending us correct artwork. If you have any questions please contact us.

How do you require artwork?
We require finished artwork in the form of an EPS vector file. In addition, it would be great if you could supply us with a JPEG.  Any art developed by Red Fish will incur charges, we will confirm charges before we proceed. Set up charges are separate to artwork charges.

We DO NOT accept the following formats; files created in Word, Excel, Publisher and MS Paint, Tiff and Bitmap file types, Tiff and Bitmap file types, faxes, photocopies, business cards or letterheads.

Why do you require EPS file types?

EPS stands for Encapsulated Post Script. It is a graphic file format that supports both PC and MAC images.

When we are branding or imprinting products for clients we require their artwork in EPS format. The reason for this is that EPS format enables us transfer artwork between programs. EPS essentially a vector map of your logo, the text and images are 'mapped on the XY axis'. This allows the decorator to change the size of you logo without losing resolution and also means that we do not have to have the same fonts on our computer as the person who sends us the file. The image below shows the vector "map" of the words red fish marketing;


A number of programs will save or convert text and vector art to EPS format, including:

* Adobe Illustrator
* Inkscape
* Ghostscript
* PhotoShop (some later versions)

Sometimes clients tell us they can't open their eps file, this is because they don't have one of the programs above. However, you should be able to see a thumbnail of the EPS using Windows Explorer.

What if I don't have any artwork?
If you can't find an acceptable electronic file that meets our requirements, you can probably ask the person who created your logo for a vector file and have it emailed to us. If you need a logo designed please let us know and we will provide you with a quote.

Remember, artwork should never get in the way of doing a promotion. If you don't have artwork in a format we can use, it's not a problem. We will redraw it as an EPS for a small fee. We'll tell you up front what the additional charges will be.

Artwork with colours
Most of our decoration methods offer the opportunity to closely match the imprint colour to a specific requirement. Our customers who require specific matches provide us with a "PMS" colour number for each colour in their artwork. PMS stands for Pantone Matching System �.

If your logo is to be embroidered, we will select a thread which most closely matches your PMS colour and you will have the opportunity to see this choice when you approve your swatch.

Due to the nature of ceramic colours, we cannot guarantee an exact or identical match. The colour of the item will further influence the colour of the imprint.

For more information on pantone colours and how many colours there are in your logo.

Artwork with text
We recommend that all text be converted to outlines where possible. If not, all fonts, font suitcases, printer fonts and screen fonts must be included with your art. Please note that the smallest text size that can be imprinted is typically around 6-8 pt with some exceptions, for embroidery letter should be non-serif and at least 6mm in height. It is often necessary to modify or drop text entirely for small imprint areas.

Where do I send my art?
The fastest way to send us artwork is to email it to us or using a file transfer program.

How long will Red Fish store my artwork?
Saved artwork will be saved for up to one year.