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Choosing the right promotional product for your promotion

Before choosing a promotional product for a campaign, there are a few questions you should ask yourself…..

How will the promotional product be used?

How will the product be delivered to the client

e.g. as an insert in a magazine, as a direct mail piece, by hand, in a show bag, as a gift with purchase (GWP)

The answer to this question will affect your choice of product. For example; if you are mailing the product it may be unwise to choose a heavy or bulky item as it may make mailing costs prohibitive.

What theme or message does the promotional product need to convey?

Whether you realise it or not you are always trying to convey a “message” with your promotional product, whether it be we care about our customers or an introduction or something more tangible such as a launch of a new home loan product. Tying your message into the choice of product makes it much more effective.

Approximate budget

How much are you planning to spend on your promotional product?

If, for example, you are wanting to spend under $2.00 then a bookmark or anti-stress toy might be perfect but considering an expensive item such as a leather compendium or flash drive would be pointless.

What decoration method is required?

It is important to know how many colours are in the artwork you wish to have imprinted on your promotional product.


  • Because some products can not be printed with full colour art.
  • Because generally the more colours imprinted on a product the more it costs. So if you are on a budget you might want to consider using less colours in your art.
  • Certain decoration types are effectively only one colour, for example, embossing and laser engraving.

Quantity required?

The quantity required affects the price of your promotional product. The greater the quantity the lower the price.

The quantity also affects whether you can have a custom made product (for larger quantities) or whether you need to choose a stock item and have your logo or artwork  imprinted on it.

Check the minimum order quantity of the product if it is greater than the quantity you require then it is not the product for you.


If you only have a few days until you need your product an imported product is not going to work for you. So you would have to choose something in stock that can be imprinted locally.


When choosing a promotional product you need to consider;

  • How will the product be used?
  • What theme or message does the product need to convey?
  • Approximate budget?
  • What decoration method is required?
  • Quantity required?
  • Lead-time?